2024 April Open Threesome I

2024 April Open Threesome I

Tournament Round 1

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Group 1
In progress4
1965 4236white win
1894black win white winwhite win
1498black winblack win 15
1344black winblack win15 
Total score121200
Max. possible score181596
Group 2
In progress6
1574 1224
139713 21
Total score000
Max. possible score121212
Group 3
All games complete0
2321 white winwhite win
1594black win white win
1493black winwhite win 
Total score1233
Max. possible score1233
Group 4
In progress1
1418 59black win
1353black win white win
1259black winwhite win 
Total score636
Max. possible score966
Group 5
All games complete0
2053 white winwhite win
1260black win white win
616black winblack win 
Total score1260
Max. possible score1260
Group 6
Group decided1
1871 white winwhite win
1567black win white win
125518black win 
Total score960
Max. possible score1263
Group 7
In progress6
1698 4520
165441 26
Total score000
Max. possible score121212
Group 8
Group decided1
1613 white winwhite win
1467black win black win
1205black win43 
Total score1203
Max. possible score1236
Group 9
All games complete0
1974 white winwhite win
1434black win white win
1225black windraw 
Total score1241
Max. possible score1241
Group 10
All games complete0
1862 white winwhite win
1577black win white win
940black winblack win 
Total score1260
Max. possible score1260
Group 11
All games complete0
1669 white winwhite win
1627white win white win
1172black winblack win 
Total score990
Max. possible score990
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Random groups - winners of each group progress
3 days
7 days
Round In progress

3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress.

Winner of the final group wins the tournament.