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Simple Tactical Motifs5702 Nov '13 20:48e4chrise4chris
A Range Of New Chess Computers1202 Nov '13 00:07e4chrise4chris
Help finding my tournament?501 Nov '13 16:39sonhousebyedidia
Wei Yi becomes youngest Super GM ever201 Nov '13 13:04woodypusherMarinkatomb
Blitz Not Working1701 Nov '13 08:19eltrickyeltricky
Plachutta Power!331 Oct '13 23:51Paul LeggettPaul Leggett
OMG! 2700 elo Chess Computer2231 Oct '13 19:40e4chrise4chris
1.e4 e5 2.b3?!331 Oct '13 16:39sundown316sonhouse
Knight for two pawns + knight pin831 Oct '13 10:22adam warlockadam warlock
World Championship Idea130 Oct '13 15:11ketchuploverketchuplover
Susan Polgar, 'my brilliant brain' documentary:330 Oct '13 11:32sonhousesonhouse
Any GM games with checkmate?1030 Oct '13 09:48vivifymoon1969
Who wants to play me?730 Oct '13 04:42Trev33ChessPraxis
Batch Analysis Program ( duckhunt )129 Oct '13 21:01thaughbaerthaughbaer
HAL 9000 Crushed!! Using the A.R.B. Chess Syste...1329 Oct '13 20:53Paul Leggettthaughbaer
The Duck in Africa + Is Castling Good?229 Oct '13 02:49greenpawn34Paul Leggett
Magnus Carlsen Article527 Oct '13 10:29aquatabbyCookdandBombd
Nakamura v Gelfand 2013327 Oct '13 09:52robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
The creeping attack1027 Oct '13 03:12SwissGambitChessPraxis
should i take a break from playing chess in ord...1927 Oct '13 01:32ivan2908nimzo5
Bad Bishop Sac.725 Oct '13 16:19RBHILLe4chris
Kramnik v Kamsky Linares 19931525 Oct '13 12:09robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Longest running games?524 Oct '13 21:20ExumaExuma
Check All Loose Pieces2424 Oct '13 08:56byedidiaMurchu
Me and Bobby Fischer - full documentary723 Oct '13 16:46robbie carrobiehedonist
I blunder because....722 Oct '13 23:53hedonistrobbie carrobie
The Duck has turned up in South Africa.1320 Oct '13 22:35greenpawn34moonbus