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I will beat you using only my pawns319 Dec '13 15:59SwissGambitsonhouse
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Two Pseudo Knight Sacs.619 Dec '13 12:24greenpawn34greenpawn34
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Raiding south of the border.718 Dec '13 23:41hedonistdryhump
Chess Theor Vs. Music Theory418 Dec '13 23:23KingOnPointaquatabby
“…and if the Black King reaches a6 it is safe.”317 Dec '13 16:49greenpawn34greenpawn34
Millionaire Chess Open2017 Dec '13 10:37ketchuploverMarinkatomb
For Horse Ballet Lovers Only (Again)617 Dec '13 00:21greenpawn34SwissGambit
1.e4 e5 2.b3?!916 Dec '13 20:54sundown316moonbus
Easier Proof Game1115 Dec '13 18:41SwissGambitSwissGambit
Proof Game in 23.5815 Dec '13 18:38SwissGambitSwissGambit
Morphy with music!214 Dec '13 20:09ptriple42Cabecinha de Ouro
Dedication to the art of checkmate.613 Dec '13 22:14Proper KnobSwissGambit
What Happened to the Move First for White Game?413 Dec '13 12:03KingOnPointPonderable
BBC Master Game1112 Dec '13 22:14SMesqgreenpawn34
23. Rxe8?812 Dec '13 08:12adam warlockadam warlock
Where did he go....?4412 Dec '13 00:38greenpawn34woodypusher
Another chess question1510 Dec '13 13:33robbie carrobiesonhouse
The Little Weasel Ivanov returns209 Dec '13 14:15woodypusherwoodypusher
The king's gambit909 Dec '13 13:35tim88gambit05
Chess Program Abuse Syndrome1507 Dec '13 19:38VotbinnickSwissGambit
Isn't it cute when...1705 Dec '13 17:59Wayne Wicksmoonbus
Queen Trap305 Dec '13 03:38RBHILLMontyMoose
Revelation II1304 Dec '13 23:10doskachessSmittyTime
Missed trap in the Queens Gambit Declined1104 Dec '13 12:1164squaresofpainneil67d
Let's play a multiplayer chess game?12603 Dec '13 23:48USArmyParatrooperSmittyTime
More Rook Endings the RHP way.202 Dec '13 16:02greenpawn34Ponderable
Vishy Interview902 Dec '13 11:34robbie carrobiesonhouse
Plagiarism thread1702 Dec '13 11:30Paul Leggettsonhouse