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5000 year old board game pieces discovered:522 Aug '13 23:03sonhousehedonist
IM David Pruess blows the lid on chess.com2722 Aug '13 09:48robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
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blitz microsite needs to be updated620 Aug '13 21:44TSaffleTSaffle
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Eastern hospitality - Magnus comes to India120 Aug '13 17:34robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Trick, Trap or Tragedy720 Aug '13 11:23greenpawn34moonbus
Nice engine...920 Aug '13 00:13hunterknoxgreenpawn34
A game of chess618 Aug '13 07:10Fat Ladymoonbus
Archiving games by opening/rating etc. -- softw...317 Aug '13 21:57NoEarthlyReasonNoEarthlyReason
Wrong forum817 Aug '13 20:58EladarEladar
no title617 Aug '13 20:46TygertRJHinds
white to play and draw216 Aug '13 12:19WanderingKingTygert
Timzilla the Colorado Sharknado3016 Aug '13 03:01ChessPraxisChessPraxis
Smothered Mate With A Twist513 Aug '13 18:04paulbuchmanfromficspaulbuchmanfromfics
pawn promotion sequence311 Aug '13 23:22willpeetDeepThought
French Toast in the McDonnell Labourdonnais!211 Aug '13 14:40RagwortPaul Leggett
The Sandbaggers Solution911 Aug '13 02:19greenpawn34SwissGambit