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A Fantastic Philidor Legacy
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World Record - Part 2322 Feb '14 18:09KingOnPointRBHILL
To Draw or Not to Draw? That is the question.922 Feb '14 10:59beaurobertsKingOnPoint
World Record?622 Feb '14 04:02Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Promotion421 Feb '14 12:39floccinaucinihilipilPonderable
The Duck321 Feb '14 00:01dcpkst40
My best blitz game ever?320 Feb '14 11:38MarinkatombMarinkatomb
I've been...........420 Feb '14 03:32greenpawn34SwissGambit
Red Hot Pawn Chess Academy219 Feb '14 06:11beaurobertsChessPraxis
Art and chess on the bdf Fernschachbund418 Feb '14 23:22Ragwortdzirilli
ecf grades118 Feb '14 23:11rookorbycrookrookorbycrook
How to win against a GM in a blitz simul?2418 Feb '14 20:17Marc BenfordMarc Benford
The Love of Wood218 Feb '14 02:56byedidiaKneeCaps
the Franz Maresch Problem Set917 Feb '14 16:11rookorbycrookMarinkatomb
I won a bet with a 1400 RHP game...1517 Feb '14 02:26greenpawn34greenpawn34
Test Your Computer (or Yourself)216 Feb '14 16:40greenpawn34rookorbycrook
Enforcing the FIDE Touch Rule1416 Feb '14 05:49beaurobertsRBHILL
Vugar Gashimov Memorial216 Feb '14 04:36ketchuploverPaul Leggett
World championship1515 Feb '14 23:43MarinkatombPaul Leggett
never resign at blitz314 Feb '14 06:17wolfgang59slugworth28
Novelty313 Feb '14 23:23wolfgang59wolfgang59
Candidate matches613 Feb '14 21:51TheBigKatTheBigKat
Dragondorf disaster913 Feb '14 14:40SwissGambitgreenpawn34
Chess Lessons/Are They Worth It?1213 Feb '14 03:25beaurobertsu2krazie
Engine recommedations1413 Feb '14 00:53Blunder Citygreenpawn34
Anyone up for Snail Mail Correspondence Chess112 Feb '14 06:28beaurobertsbeauroberts