Taking On the Traxler

Taking On the Traxler

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Taking On the Traxler

Hello everyone, and welcome to the only chess blog on the internet that speaks to clients on the phone about quantities and type of copier paper. As I mentioned several posts ago, I’ve been re-watching episodes of The Office, set in Pennsylvania, and there’s a scene where one of the main characters (Jim, played by John Krasinski) plays a game against one of the other office workers.

To make a long story short, if you google: (“wilkes-barre” “krasinski” “chess” ) the first result is the following delightful little minature:

Krasinski–Yakov Estrin Istra 1947

While we’re talking Estrin, I should show you my copy of his Traxler addendum that I keep forgetting to give back to my friend. (Not returning chess books seems to be an unfortunate theme of this blog, but so be it.) Here it is:

The Book

At least for the Wilkes-Barre variation it’s a fantastic book, and I recommend reading it if possible– with a chessboard out, preferably, and not a computer screen, though I do recognize the hypocrisy of that idea when you’re reading these words through one.

One of my favorite games Estrin is his contest against Hans Berliner, who employed Estrin’s favored Two Knights Defence. (I will never understand why, having been paired against Yakov Estrin, you would try to beat him at his own game. Then again, it was the year before England, of all countries, won the world cup, so maybe the game was an omen of strange things to come.)

Yakov Estrin–Hans Berliner CC World Championship 1965

Here’s a video that goes a little further in depth on the same game, made by the excellent kingscrusher.

When I was researching this blog, I decided to see if I had any similar Traxler games. Turns out, I won a Traxler tournament on RHP way back in 2015. Several of these games weren’t the best, but there was one I thought might be helpful to look at more closely, as it showcases how knife-edged the opening can be.

HikaruShindo–Kunsoo RHP 2015

I plan to resume weekly (or close to it) service of this blog, so I’ll leave you with the gospel of greenpawn, in the comments of Blog Post 132:

There it is


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