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The RHP Games Explorer

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The RHP Games Explorer

There is a new game explorer! Hooray!

With it, we are able to see that player e4e5nf3 chose his username brilliantly. When he plays 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 as White, he has a winning percentage of 100% over ten games. As Black, he has also never lost in this line. (It has, however, never been played against him.)

His game against littletwink was a good example of piece coordination.

e4e5nf3-littletwink RHP 2008

User D4 has been reasonably successful with his opening as White: ( 67% ), but timed out in his one game against 1. d4 as Black. Here is one of his wins:

D4–DancingBrave RHP 2004

Finally, we can observe a completely astonishing fact.

An astounding fact.

An amazing fact.

The Red Hot Pawn chess player ‘Ruy Lopez’ has never played the Ruy Lopez. As White, he plays 1. e4 e5 2. Qf3. With a 25% win-loss percentage.

Ruy Lopez–el toro RHP 2006

Quiz time! What is the best move for White?

Lastly, since I’m on the subject of names, I’ll feature a game in the next blog from anyone who tells me the answer to this question:

What has been the most recent occurrence of a rated game being played between two players surnamed ‘White’ and ‘Black’ in whatever language, where ‘White’ plays White and ‘Black’ plays Black? Anyone who beats my record ( 10:00 Feb 12 2015 ) is eligible. I’ll select a game of the person who gives me the most recent game from the eligible submissions. The deadline is 7:00 EST on August 10, 2015.

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