Tournament: Part II

Tournament: Part II

Hikaru Junction

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Tournament: Part II

Hello all,

And welcome back to Hikaru Junction, the only chess blog on the internet that waves the flags that the robots made. Today we’ll be looking at the second half of the last tournament I played, in which I scored 0/3 due to some atrocious mistakes. Cheers to schadenfreude! After scoring 1/3, with a win and two draws, in the first half of the tournament, I was a little demoralized, but still took a positive attitude into the first game. I was wrong to do so, as it turned out.

Charles Hua–HikaruShindo Empire City Open 2017

I then purchased a sandwich from the sandwich shop (no chips this time, as I didn’t think I’d earned them) and ate it outside the tournament room while I glumly reviewed the game.

Rahul Sinha–HikaruShindo Empire City Open 2017

This brings us to my sixth game and final day of the tournament, which even after scoring 1/5 (!) in the previous five rounds, I managed to be relatively excited for.

HikaruShindo–Gennadiy Reznikov Empire City Open 2017

What, then, did I learn from this tournament? Sleeping more than the five to six hours I likely got per day is advised, as well eating well; a weakened mental state, I contend, contributes more to blunders than most players, including myself, realize. In addition, though I went into each round focusing on the positives from the previous round, I went into the game with a relaxed mindset, content to play and get whatever result I got, which lead to me not double- and triple-checking every move. Discipline and focus, then, are necessary for success. Who would have guessed?

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