Year-End/Beginning Special

Year-End/Beginning Special

Hikaru Junction

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Year-End/Beginning Special

Here, as a blog for the beginning of 2016, is a selection of fifteen games from 2001-2015. Enjoy.

2001: The eighteenth game ever played! Unfortunately, the system glitches make it nigh-on unviewable.
(Paul–mwmiller RHP 2001)

2002: A spectacular series of blunders by Black.
mwmiller–RedHotRedSox RHP 2002

2003: Two bishops versus two knights.
Breaca–ouroboros RHP 2003

2004: A good endgame, with an extraordinary double blunder in the middle.
eldullo–Marko Krale RHP 2004

2005: Putting the game away when up material.
lumpenon–ZorroTheFox RHP 2005

2006: Exploiting overly complicated development.
thegreenman–Forest9 RHP 2006

2007: Blunders decide the game…twice.
Monkeynutsfootball–Larkie RHP 2007

2008: Massive blunders on both sides, with a great final position.
Richard wilson–pp3 RHP 2008

2009: A few missed moves, then trading down end the game before the endgame.
Paulisfree2be–RedHotMayor RHP 2009

2010: Three piece-dropping blunders in one game!
KnightLightning–HiChief RHP 2010

2011: Making use of superior development.
kingshill–Flying Dwarf RHP 2011

2012: An interesting mating motif.
beatlemania–BaronVonChickenpants RHP 2011-2012

2013: A great queen-vs-constituent pieces imbalance.
mikelom–bvinci RHP 2013

2014: Why resign here?
Paullli–Itsallzen RHP 2014

2015: Imaginative attacks triumph.
greenpawn34–jmi60 RHP 2015


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