100 Chess Traps to Play Before You Die.

100 Chess Traps to Play Before You Die.

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100 Chess Traps to Play Before You Die.

There is Good news and Bad News. White to play and mate in 14 moves!

The good news is, if you have a computer then it will find 100’s,
yes 100’s of much quicker checkmates. The Bad news is that you
to have checkmate with one of the Rooks without moving a Rook!

OK. get the Black King into such a position where by using a Knight
you block one of the Rook files so it can give a discovered checkmate.

Give it a bash. I’ll give the full solution at end of this piece.
red pawns

Continuing our theme of things (the correct word) they award Magnus Carlsen...
Title here

For winning Tata Steele 2016 Magnus was given what looks like
a 1956 Ford. suspension spring complete with a cardboard mounting.

This brings me on nicely to the Urosov Gambit.

I’ve been meaning to do a piece on the Urosov Gambit for a while
ever since I found a couple of nice RHP games with this variation.

But first this.
Title here

Sales have been very slow. To date it’s still only sold one copy
and even then the poor slob who bought it asked a for a refund.

In an effort to tempt you into buying a copy I’ll give for free Trap No1.

Has anyone on RHP actually fallen for Trap No1.

iwillgetyou - ssloar RHP 2012. reached here with Black to play.

Black failed to find 9.Bg4 trapping the White Queen and went onto lose.

Big Dog has a thread in the Chess Forum dedicated to Queens getting trapped.

Thread 167270
red pawns

Where was I?.....oh yes The Urosov Gambit.

Doubleton - sonke RHP 2007

We now wander through the pool of anguish and despondency that is...

petervandam - sander van dam RHP 2011

Watch the move order here, this may be the best to get a Urosov.

Let us have a look how this opening is handled OTB by a couple of good guys.

Volovikov,A (2248) - Jakimov,V (2447) Geller Memorial 2008

red pawns

Title here

kermin - mr kane RHP 2014

red pawns

The Solution to that mate in 14 moves. There will be other solutions
if you find a better one (or indeed a quicker one, I cannot check this
because a computer is useless.) If so post it in the thread link added

The comments box is still giving me problems. So if you
have anything to say or add then please use Thread 167448
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