365 puzzles + A 125 year old Trap + Mike Lomax.

365 puzzles + A 125 year old Trap + Mike Lomax.

The Planet Greenpawn

365 puzzles + A 125 year old Trap + Mike Lomax.

Picked this up £5.00 at the Edinburgh Congress.

Good Book and no I’m not going to repeat a format I used recently by
showing some positions from the book and then some RHP examples.

I can’t! Joe Gallagher shows a very good trick he actually walked into and
despite my frantic searching I can find nothing like on the RHP. Database.

M.Manik - J.Gallagher Mitropa Cup 2003

Some games some players are destined to lose. There is nothing you can do
about it. If Cassia has the result down as 1-0 against you then you are doomed.

In this game Joe had this position with him to play.

41…Rg1+ 43.Kh2 Qf5 (threatening Rh1+ and Qxh3+) White can resign.

Black missed this but to stay on the board White had to shed a piece.

Many moves later with the clammy stench of time trouble or an Allegro
finish betraying a few of them Black found a way to give the piece back..

Here Black played 76…Bxf4 77.Rf7+ and Rxf4.

We now head for the position given in the above book.

As I said it’s a good book full of well chosen puzzles. The first two levels are a
breeze. (this one was a level one puzzle.) The latter chapters are real brain busters.

My only gripe is that I cannot understand why he chose the number 365.
I reckon if I thought about it for a whole year I’ll never figure out the why.

The good thing about 365 is that it leads us nicely onto the Grunfeld.
Grunfeld Duck

365 divided by 5 is 75. (I think) and D75 is the ECO code for the Grunfeld.

I’ll kick off with a valid and authenticated Grunfeld Opening Trap.

J.B.Howson writing in 1970 in his book ‘200 Modern Chess Traps in
the Fianchetto Openings.’ states as yet no master has fallen for this trap.

However 16 lads on RHP have and so has 20 non-master players on my OTB Database.
So it does appear that this one is worth knowing especially with those OTB statistics.

A recent example from here is 64squaresofpain - BigMartin RHP 2014

I suggested playing 6.Bf4 and this was played in this wee instructive miniature.

kasa33 - takky RHP 2013

White starts calling the shots with a few threats. Alas Kasa33 gets carried
away and displays a trait that so common with a lot of the players on here.

They only see their own threats and completely miss their opponents/

red pawns

Learning from the Good Guys No.202 (a Trap set in 1888 gets sprung in 2013)

Jacques Mieses - Siegbert Tarrasch, Nuremberg, 1888

Mieses has just played the crafty 13. Qd1-d3

And is inviting Tarrasch to go for 13…Qb6+ 14.Kh1 Nf2+. Lets have a look see.

Time passes, we have had two World Wars, walked on the Moon, The Beatles came
and went we are currently on our 16th World Chess Champion. It is 125 years later.

delnz - lundybishop 2013

red pawns

Those that read the Forums will be aware of the passing of Mike Lomax (Mikelom)

This sad news of player who touched so many on here came as a shock
because right up till the end of his fight against cancer Mike was posting
and sending cheerful messages to everyone. I received an up beat message
a few weeks before he passed away giving no hint of how critical he was.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to threads from different
Forums with various members of Red Hot Pawn paying their own kind tributes.

A Mike Lomax tournament has been set up as a Memorial. Even if you were unlucky
enough not to cross Mike’s path please do not let that put you off from joining in.

The Mike Lomax Memorial Tournament 22106

A game of Mike’s. Difficult choice and hard to decide which way to do it.
A tough game v a tough opponent or a typical light but instructive Blog game.

I like the way Mike wrapped this one up. You will too.

mikelom - daka2000 RHP 2011

I think you may guessed that I’ll choose a light, instructive and humorous game.
Mike liked this Blog and it’s off beat content. You may remember before The Duck
was lost in the post Mike took it for a while sending us Duck pictures from Vietnam.

You will enjoy this. Mike takes a risk or two (or three or four) all in the cause
of sheer entertainment. He sacrifices his Queen and has a chance to win it back.
This is declined so Mike can play a ‘Startling Castling’ move. This is perfect.

Redshoes - mikelom RHP 2010

The game of chess was invented so games like this could be played.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 164078

Mike’s Threads Thread 163942 Thread 163956 Thread 163957

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Comments (9)

  • Posted 1678 days 17 hours and 19 minutes ago
    I'll do the jokes Shallow Blue.

    You keep supplying me with blunders, I'll do the jokes.
  • Posted 1678 days 20 hours and 49 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    Henry Bird... is that the Duck's real name?
  • Posted 1680 days 23 hours and 59 minutes ago
    New RHP rule. Knights are not allowed to move backwards.

    I'm off to 'Site Ideas' to make it so.
  • Posted 1681 days 2 hours and 18 minutes ago
    SubscriberPaul Leggett
    I have lost more games to backward knight moves than any other theme, I think. It $%^#& me off, to be honest.
  • Posted 1682 days 13 hours and 16 minutes ago
    Hello Again Deep thought,

    Just back before I pop off to bed. I know there is one from the British Championship 1970(?) because a lad who blundered in this mating pattern posted it in the English forum and this game was also posted.

    Duncan somebody I recall (I think!).

    RHP will supply a few. You can bet on it. I will look around about noon/1300ish. I'll look for yours....If not I'll find another blunder. 🙂
  • Posted 1682 days 14 hours and 5 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    I was fairly sure the arithmetic was intentionally wrong, I just wanted to draw attention to it as I enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure I did a Philidor blunder in a game on this site I'll do a search and see if I can find it.
  • Posted 1682 days 16 hours and 24 minutes ago

    I'll find an RHP example of someone cocking up a Philidors mate like me in my original note. Backward Knight moves, I always miss them.(that will kick off the next blog.).

    The book is very good. Well worth £5.00, Nice intro's to each puzzle and they do indeed get harder.
  • Posted 1682 days 16 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Hi Deep thought.

    Of course the Queen on d3 was the bait. If the Rook was not on f1 then the Philodors Mate is on. Often it does not matter if a Knight or Rook covers g1 but here it does. Recently I saw someone go that mate missing f2 was covered twice. I'll correct it as it may cause confusion.

    I have '(I think)' - my maths is not that bad I know it was wrong
    So no correction there.

    Yes that final game is wonderful.....How do I follow that?
  • Posted 1682 days 17 hours and 26 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    Thanks for pointing out the Gallagher book, I might get that.

    In the game fragment showing why Tarrasch didn't play 14. ... Nf2+ going for a smothered mate after 15. Kg1 won't work because the knight on e2 also covers g1, I think 15. ... Nxd3 is the bait in Mieses' trap.

    365/5 = 73 under the conventional rules of arithmetic. D73 being the Neo-Grunfeld.

    I liked your choice of game for mikelom.
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