Chess for Fun and The Beano

Chess for Fun and The Beano

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Chess for Fun and The Beano

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A while back the Scottish artist Mary Trodden took my picture
whilst I browsed in her 2nd hand book shop.

Not an uncommon experience, women are always asking to
take pictures of me. Most end up as Exhibit ‘A’ but that is another
story for another day.

Mary used the picture to produce a portrait of me in oil. I was emailed
a picture of it but me and the painting came face to face yesterday

I also picked up ‘Chess for the Fun of it’ 1933 by Brian Harley.

chess for fun

Odd wee book. Often refers to games played just after the war.
(this will be WWI ) and games played in the 80’s and 90’s.
He goes into great detail proving that mate with two Knights cannot be forced.

Reminds me of a position I show players who seem set in their ways
and think they have seen everything.

White to play.

Open jaws all around.

Where was I? Ah yes, The book.

A few weeks back the Chess Forum speculated as to why Morphy quit chess.
(see last bloggy thing).

Brian Harley on the subject.:

“This strange man [Morphy], for reasons that remain obscure, retired from serious
chess about the year 1860.”

So Morphy was a strange man…..

Right where was I? Ah yes. The Painting.

So I got a picture of the both us together.

me and painting

Super-duper (note Black Queen) and scary.
My Dorian Gray in reverse.

I am getting first offer on the painting for £200.00 so there will
be a massive RHP whip around to raise the cash.

There will be no arguments on this matter and you miserable
non-subs will be chipping in as well.

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Dennis the Menace was challenged to a game of chess this week in The Beano.
(John Mayall fans will know all about the Beano….I’m listening to it now).

no title

Dennis made a chess set of solid concrete which was too heavy
for weedy Walter to lift. Dennis won on time (he clicked his skull).

no title

Post of the week

Has to be Sonhouse who asked for comments about a win
he posted. By mistake he posted a loss.

Thread 133082

He actually received more feedback with his loss than his win.

You do learn more from your losses.

They are certainly harder to forget than your wins.
Maybe not so much on here, but OTB, and I’m sure most OTB boys
will agree. You never forget those losses,

In 1984 I gave a simultaneous display playing 127 games.
I won most, drew a handful but lost one.
I cannot remember any of the games but that loss.
I was White is was an Evans Gambit……damn.

Also check out Thread 133134 by amolv06
A glossary of chess terms. Good.

(this would have been 'post of the week' but I have just noticed it.

no title

Now sit back and enjoy this.

The Object and Art of Chess: The Pawns.

Just move two pawns in the opening, the e-pawn and
the d-pawns to get the pieces out. - Lasker.

Nick a pawn then swap off all the pieces and promote your extra pawn.
- Capablanca.

Don’t make any middle game pawn moves if you can do better
things with your pieces. Leave your pawns alone. - greenpawn.

This wonderful piece of instructive chess was not played by
Anand, Kramnik, Kid Carlsen.....

It was played by someone on RHP.

You won’t find this game in any of these niff-naff
‘become a GM overnight’ quick buck books that bloat up
your local chess store like an infestation.

You will only see it on here.

What follows is craft, skill, humour and instruction.

Let this game be your guiding light as you wander aimlessly across
the chessboard following opening theory played by some Gum Boil
who does not have an ounce of imagination.

Ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure to give you….

joxx - CaFF. RHP 2006

Black resigned two moves later.

Bravo! Wonderful. Thank You Joxx who ever you are.

When I write the ‘Best Games on RHP’ that final position is going on the cover.
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