Chess Traps Nobody Wants To Play

Chess Traps Nobody Wants To Play

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Chess Traps Nobody Wants To Play

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First you have go through these two RHP games.
danrose84 - Benjamin Barker RHP 2018

Next clue coming up. I hope you are paying attention, I’ll be asking questions.

Nunzio Bonaventura - iuko piuko RHP 2018

OK you have had the clues now solve this mate in two from Guidelli.

White to play and mate in two moves.
Not three or four moves. Two Moves.
(the solution will be given below)
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Don’t panic. I am not going to give any of the games.

These two blundered in similar circumstances, thought I’d show those instead.

D. Navara - B. Gelfand Olympiad 2018

V. Anand - G. Meier, GRENKE 2019

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I bumped into this on the Edward Winter site.

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How could they get THAT date wrong.
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Difficult, but there is a pitfall that is just waiting for someone to fall into.

What I found disappointing was that here (from a Berlin Wall).

This has been reached more than 500 times on RHP and only 3 players have tried 7.Nc3.

Gatsu78 - hklee RHP 2009 (yes the most recent was ten years ago!)

And now instead of 7...Nxc3 we look at here:

Black playing 7...Nxe5 but I have no RHP game. I do have one from 1887. (a 132 years ago)

Bachmann - Fiechtl Regensburg 1887

And I must show this Queen sac that is also hidden in this variation.

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Hope you mange to solve the mate in two with all the clues.

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The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 180911

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  • Posted 534 days 2 hours and 32 minutes ago
    Standard memberChess Mentor
    TOP 3 Secrets of Chess Grandmasters:
    A very powerful stuff!!! 😍
  • Posted 547 days 2 hours and 31 minutes ago | Edited
    Caesar, the problem with Qd4 is Black has Bf5+ meaning White cannot mate next move... I couldn't find the solution as I thought Kg3 could be met by Nc2 and after Qxb1+ the Knight blocks for one move on e1, ruining the 2 move mate rule, HOWEVER the move I missed after Nc2 was Qa8 mate !!!
  • Posted 547 days 23 hours and 35 minutes ago | Edited
    Subscribercaesar salad
    In the Guidelli problem, if Black does not move the pawn to f5, White's queen cannot go straight to h8.

    My solution was Qd4 on the way to Qg1 (maybe with a brief interlude where White's King has to dodge the Black Bishop).
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