En Passant Checkmate + The Chessboard Queen

En Passant Checkmate + The Chessboard Queen

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En Passant Checkmate + The Chessboard Queen

Been ages since I did a book review.

First of all I need a chess book to review.
My local 2nd hand shops have chess books that I already have so I branched out
and went to non-local 2nd hand shops….again nothing I don’t already have.

I was going to end this book review section with no book to review when I suddenly saw
a book I do not have in the 25p basket.

The Chessboard Queen by Sharan Newman. Futura publications, £2.50 published in 1985.
The ISBN number is on the back of the book if you need it.

It’s all about a Queen called Guinevere…..

The Queen

…. who goes around medieval England playing chess for apples.
You should always judge a book by it’s cover and here she is on the cover….

not a chess book

…….playing chess for apples. Yes Apples.
In them days Apples were a rare medieval luxury, apples do not grow on trees.

It is set during the reign of King Arthur. It was Arthur who pulled the sword out of the stone.

Arthur and the stone

Arthur was good at pulling things out of stone.
I wish he would come around to my house and pull the mobile out of my wife’s hand.
All day long she is at it. “yak yak yakkety yak.”
I’ve no idea who it is she talking too, neither I guess does she, they never get a chance to answer.
“yak yak yakkety yak.”

Although there is very little chess in it, it is definitely a chess book.
Look who it is dedicated to:

The dedication

Obviously Cathy, Kimiko and Bev are the Polgar sisters.

Merlin is in the book…


and then disappears

Merlin's Hat

The chess bit comes in Chapter Twelve (page 167).

The chess bit of the book

Nasty Claudus should have let her complete her move.
Obviously the thought of getting at her apples drove him wild with excitement.

Now that is very rare (by the way that is the end of the book review.)
A Queen left hanging to both a Knight and a Rook.
Red Hot Pawn has thousands of games where a Queen has been hung to a Knight.

adam warlock - charlieg RHP 2007
Gives us an incredible example. (White to move, Black has just played 7….Nd4)

The alert amongst you will notice that Black is threatening to win the a1 Rook with Nxc2+.
White was not falling for that old trick so smartly castled and after 8.0-0 and 8…NxQ White smartly resigned .

Red Hot Pawn has thousands of games where a Queen has been hung to a Rook.

mich48 (1385) - lechler (1429) RHP.2012
Again White faithfully follows the rule of thumb about castling early. (White to move.)

The White Queen is neatly pinned to the White King. No problem. QxR+ and White is
the exchange up. Instead White broke the pin by castling and Black broke White’s heart with RxQ 0-1.

But a game where a Queen is hung to both a Knight and a Rook.
Even by RHP standards that is just too clumsy……However I do have this.
(This is the instructive bit you have all been looking forward to.)

Crowbar - Luck RHP.2009

green bar
In Thread 157559 Ponderable was pondering about en passant and
reminded us of the threads where players did not understand the en passant rule.

Did a quick search to see if I could find an example. I run across this.

Bobbyt65 - Stewie rules RHP 2006
You the readers will have to decide.

1) Did Black know about the en passant rule?
2) Did Black overlook the en passant capture?

We join the game with White in Check and Black just about to miss a hook mate in 4.

green bar
The final of the 2013 RHP Championship is under way. The 10 players in the final are:

David Tebb, PA82. TheBigKat. Arnoud, carpmaniac71, grandmasteryoda, keithcav,
Phillidor284, fabien75 and sbelanoff

You can keep an eye on the final from this link. Tournament 16990

Never any typical RHP blunders in the final group. However there is this.

TheBigKat (2449) - grandmasteryoda (2129) RHP Championship 2013 (The Final)
White has just played 38.Re7-b7 hitting the b6 pawn.

Black played 38….Re1+ (OOPS!) and before White could reply, Black resigned. 1-0.

That is quite a blunder for a 2000+ player and I can only think Black had set up
a conditional move after Rb7xb6. Intending Re1+ but somehow screwed it up. (easily done.)
Either that or he simply missed the White Rook on b1.. (even easier to do.)

A Knight on a stick horse

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