ESP + Pawn Races + Drufus the Mad Hermit

ESP + Pawn Races + Drufus the Mad Hermit

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ESP + Pawn Races + Drufus the Mad Hermit

Fat Lady pointed this out to me.

It’s an item from the Weekly World News June 9th 1998.

World Weekly News

Weekly News

I’ll zoom in on the important bit for you.


So there you have it.
Paul Morphy is alive and well living inside the mind of a small girl
from Chicago telling her how the Knight moves.

Perhaps all of us have the ghost of a deceased chess
player who has ‘moved in’ and is giving us advice.

My subscription to the Weekly World News is in the post.
I want to see who I’ve got rattling around inside of me.
(He is pretty naff at endings who ever he is.)

Reminds me of the quote, I (we) cannot recall who said it.

If you pray to God then you are called a devout Christian.
If you say God talks to you then they lock you up!

green bar

Speaking of Quotes and Chess, there is currently a thread of Chess Quotes
on the forum. Posted about the same time was a nice game by Ragwort.

This position was reached after the moves posted by Ragwort.
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. Nxd4 Bb4 6. Nxc6 bxc6 7. Qd4

You can see Thread 141239 for further discussion.

There follows a position reached from the above opening with Tarrasch
playing 7.Qd4. It has nothing to do with the Ragwort thread, the coincidence
is a quote from this excellent book.

300 Games

The above opening appears in Tarrasch’s game v Schallop, Frankfurt 1887.and
in annotating the game Tarrasch comes up with a brilliant note. A Quote.
In this position it is Tarrasch (White) to play….

….and after explaining all the different methods White has at his disposal
to win this game he writes:

“One of the most difficult tasks when playing chess is to find the strongest
move from a number seemingly equal moves.”

Spoilt for choice and with his sense of danger asleep he blundered.

A wonderful pieces of advice. If getting beat then keep making carefully selected
moves that make your position worse.
Soon your opponent will be faced with a plethora of good moves, get confused
and blunder.

Here is what happened to Tarrasch.

By now the RHP blog format is well known.

A wee joke, an instructive bit, Examples from RHP of the instructive bit.
Here they are. The theme is Double Promotions.

Remember it is usually the player who gets in the first check who wins.
Not always but if taking part in this pawn race try to be one who checks first.

A standard set up. White to play.

prabhu7777777 - kuntakente RHP 2009

Black is threatening Kd2 and forcing home the c-pawn.
However simply by counting the moves and noting where the Black King
sits White ignored the threat. He gets in the first all important check.

Here White Queens first but Black gets in the first check.

Redmike - richardcjennings RHP 2009

Now we see Black Queening with a check and turning down a possible win.
Instead Black placed his Rook on an unprotected square on an open with a Queen
running about. Always a bad idea.

Shane Morrison - virx RHP 2009

In this double promotion we see an amusing draw.

daniel skorczynski - hendon RHP 2008

Before we see the main feature, first a cartoon supplied by psrteles - Kblanca RHP 2007.

In this battle of the d-pawns we see both d-pawns promote in 8 moves.

We end with this exciting Najdorf featuring a Double Promotion.

Akashic - Pescatore RHP 2007

Hooray! my copy of the Weekly World News has just arrived.
Apparently I have teamed up with Rufus dull-witted Drufus.
A totally mad hermit from the 13th century.

That’s just typical of my luck. She gets Paul Morphy I a mad recluse.

I’m not mad.

Who typed that?
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