How To Get A New Chess Book

How To Get A New Chess Book

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How To Get A New Chess Book

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When ever I want a new freshly printed chess book I have a number of choices.

A) Buy it from a retailer. (sometimes I have to do this but books are expensive these days.)

B) Approach the publishers for a freebie to review. This occasionally works even if
you have nowhere to publish your review. For it to work just make up a blog page,
give them a link and look out for the postman. Then, even if you think the book
is total garbage, give it a glowing review and send the review to the publishers.

With any luck you will be on their mailing list and receive freebies forever.
(remember not to the slay the golden goose so give each one a great review.)

C) Steal one from a book stall. A real lousy trick this and displays a complete lack
of imagination. I’ve never done it and may Cassia’s Curse be on anyone who has.

D) Find out where the author lives, go around uninvited and buy it from them.
This saves on the postage! (ask nicely and they will also autograph it for you.)

E) Buy it for your club library, get the money back from the club and then take it
out on lend and forget to take it back. This is close to Option C but they will note
that you have it. Also be aware that your club might stick a pretty sticker inside
the cover saying you have donated the book and you will not get your money back.

F) Dress up as a fireman, set the publishing house ablaze and whilst on the scene....

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For ‘Modern Chess’ from Steinitz to 21st Century.’ by Craig Pritchett it was Plan D.

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Not long started on it and as I never give a review until I have fully read it, this will take
me quite a few months (never trust an instant review especially if it’s cliché ridden
and given a thumbs up. This will be the golden goose syndrome - see above, option B.)

But I will say after 30 pages I am enjoying it and am delighted at being reacquainted
with some dear old friends whose marvellous games I have, shamefully, forgotten.

You would think the book might start with Steinitz but it actually kicks off with the
pre-Steinitz era to show you what Steinitz spotted was wrong with the Romantic age.
(basically premature attacks and very poor defending. And so began the Scientific Age.)

This is one game from the book and I’ve put Steinitz on hold (until I’ve read his chapter)
I recall sometime in my chess youth going over this one. It still inspires and stimulates.
(To be honest I’m still in the Romantic Age and have no real desire to come out of it.)

J. Rosanes - A. Anderssen, Breslau 1862

green pawns

I see there is now a board game for ‘Queens Gambit’

no title

Pretty soon we will have the Beth Harmon book of chess openings, how to study chess
endgames like Beth Harmon, The Beth Harmon chess set, chess computer, pillow case,
mouse mat, mug and coaster. And hundreds of Beth Harmon nicknames on chess sites.

(I’ve still not watched it. I did read most of the book before deciding it was a load of guff.)

green pawns

Whilst looking back through old blogs I rediscovered this. The Relieved Kings Game.

chucknorit - Jace Johnson RHP 2012

I found a couple of 2021 RHP games with the same theme, taking a perpetual instead of a mate.

Obvious_Overture - skulleo RHP 2021

ScottishGeek - Ruckdog RHP 2021

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