Ideas Behind the Openings (The RHP Way)

Ideas Behind the Openings (The RHP Way)

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Ideas Behind the Openings (The RHP Way)


I thought I’d start off by showing you one of Carlsen’s games.

Then I thought, “Why should I, he never shows any of mine.”

So here is this:

Title here

Written before Rueben Fine went mad and started mentioning players
private bits in his chess books. He gives us this advice.

Title here

And you all know what is coming next.
Let us test these ‘rules; by looking at a couple of RHP games.

Carlitos - Vendi RHP Championship 2014

I think we are getting somewhere. let us have a look at another game.

DragonLady - vaknso RHP. Championship 2014

Of course it’s easy to have fun will any book that lists the Opening Principles.
The good players know when to break the rule - that is why they are good players.

Rueben Fine was actually a psychiatrist by trade. I wonder what he would have made me?

red pawns

Some of you are or have been or are indeed going on a holiday.

Never seen the point of them myself. Why go on holiday from the place where you live.
If you don’t like where you live move to the place you were going to go on holiday.

Anyway. If you are pondering on where to go then look no further than China.
Visit the Great Wall, you can’t miss it. You can see the Moon from the Great Wall of China.

Whilst there look very carefully at some of the ancient carvings on the Great Wall.
You will discover the opening four moves of the following game. The trap is that old.

chmrjg - DanTrz RHP Championship 2014

Chmrig had obviously been on holiday to China. (yes he has caught two players with this one.)

chmrjg - bnitemoves RHP Championship 2014
This is the slightly delayed version.

red pawns

The first round of the Championship will be over any day now. The games that
are left are mostly endgames. So I was wondering if there are any silly endings
knocking about. So I did a search for King and Rook and Pawn -v- King and Rook.

Honestly the first one I fished out contains a brilliant howler.

mikeviking - douneedajacket RHP Championship 2014

The fourth ending I looked at also contained a missed win.

Gremlings - ettemarc RHP Championship 2014

And a few games later I discovered.

stevemcc - Pottovski RHP Championship 2014

And White walked himself into this one without any help from Black.

Penguin303 - jb70 RHP Championship 2014

Maybe next Bloggy thing I should cover Rueben Fine’s book on Basic Endings…..
……..Nah. (I don’t even have a copy.)

Finally - I have actually made the Wiki Chess Records for a game I played in 1981.

World Chess Records

The final position. G.Chandler - R.Kynoch, Edinburgh Club Championship 1981.

Three pieces can take the piece giving mate - all three are pinned to the King.

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