Luck in Chess and Strange RHP Games

Luck in Chess and Strange RHP Games

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Luck in Chess and Strange RHP Games

We pause just a moment whilst I win a £5.00 bet...
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...see I told you I still had Short-Kasparov poster on my wall. Pay up.
red pawns

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I know in the past I have tackled this tricky subject before but after recently
overhearing a conversation in the greengrocers I thought we’d go over it again.

Some say there is no luck in chess. Others say there is and these discussions often
end up more flamed than Darwin v The Christians.(and that one is still going on.).

But just yesterday as I was standing in the queue I heard Mrs Scroggins tell
Dave our greengrocer that Josef Klinger was lucky when he mated Igor Glek
in the Werfen Open in 1990. This started off a minor argument resulting in Mrs
Scroggins throwing her bananas at Mrs Trupp who lives at the end of the street.

Here is the game in question.

J. Klinger - J. Glek, Werfen Open 1990

We now look at what the 'unlucky' Black player should played.

I'll run with this as a Red Hot Pawn theme of the week, a capture on f8 followed by
a Bishop check. You get to decide if the winner was lucky or was the loser unlucky.

Eshez - ciolo RHP 2011

Maite - DigitGus RHP 2003

Similar to the one above but with a different build up.

regaliz - mcmahon RHP 2013

We end this week's theme with a Black win.

cham55 - okfalls RHP 2014

red pawns

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('Night' by Veronica Kasatkina )

Strange Things That Happen in Red Hot Pawns Games

BlackBuck - socialist1917 RHP 2006

White to play move 26.

What do you think happened on this board on move 35?

Next we see Black two pieces down in this position.

It does not look good does it? So Black attacks White with his King and Rook.

The Pillager - OMuniz860 RHP 2011

How about this one. Black brings the Queen far too early aiming at f2 for a quick checkmate.
Out pop the White Knights to hound and harass the Queen and at one time White could have
taken the Black Queen. Instead both the a8 and h8 Rooks get taken by the marauding Knights.
Black was only too glad to see those Knights out of the way and duly checkmated White on f2.

montagueX - Silverstriker RHP 2011

We have all seen a Double Rook Sacrifice. You will not see another like this one.

White takes his wandering Knights back home.
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red pawns

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Comments (7)

  • Posted 1550 days 23 hours and 39 minutes ago
    Stop trying to wriggle out of the bet byedidia,

    They never had colour camera's 20 years ago. (did they?)

    Next Blog I may have a picture of Nigel Short actually signing it.
    If not I'll take another with a current newspaper beside it.
  • Posted 1551 days 18 hours and 52 minutes ago
    Standard memberbyedidia
    How do we know the photo of the poster isn't 20 years old?
  • Posted 1551 days 23 hours and 52 minutes ago
    Hi Data Flay,

    thanks again....updated.
  • Posted 1552 days and 7 minutes ago
    Standard memberData Fly
    Thanks for posting the rest of that game GP - I thought White was escaping from the perpetual after h4, and he is in a way!

    The painting is by Veronica Kasatkina and is called "Night". She has done a lot of really good weird chess paintings, some of which can be seen (and purchased) here:
    (or go to and follow the links to the shop and then posters).
  • Posted 1552 days and 45 minutes ago
    The picture I used before the section on 'Strange Games' I cannot
    recall where I got it. It was in a folder of chess art I have.

    Anybody know who did it. I like to credit these things.
  • Posted 1552 days and 52 minutes ago
    Hi Data Fly,

    Half the game was missing. Corrected. Cheers.
  • Posted 1552 days 1 hour and 15 minutes ago
    Standard memberData Fly
    In the The Pillager - OMuniz860 game, why can't White play 11.Kh2 and then if 11.Rf2+ then 11. ... Ng2?
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