The Dangers of Following Theory.

The Dangers of Following Theory.

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The Dangers of Following Theory.


This book contains the best introduction to a chess book I’ve ever seen.
Assiac’s (Caissa backwards) love for the game simply oozes off the pages.

Each man is given a splendid write up. He is what he has to say about Pawns.

“Those Pawns! That loyal line of foot-sloggers arranged in tidy
battle order in front of their betters! Solidly and stolidly marching
forward, one step at a time. But, alas! they may soon find themselves
blocked and halted unless, like fierce little dogs they can yap out to the
left and to the right and thus bite their way forth. Of them it has been
truly said that each one carries the marshal’s baton in his knapsack.”

Chapter One, page 9 ‘The Long Arm of the Queen’. Caissa drops
this gem into our laps to show the dangers of early Queens sorties.

Pause a moment to guess how many RHP players have walked into this.

Five, ten, twenty, forty, fifty. No………..How about an incredible 143!

Yes 143 times this has appeared and yet only 96 times was 4.Bd3 played.
The aptly named ‘Ooops’ has won twice with 4.Bd3 from this position.

Apart from 4.Bd3 what else has been played? 24 times this has happened.

red pawns


We stay with Queens winning Rooks. DeepThought showed me this game
adding as Black he was happily following the moves from some database.

Last Blog and now here all I’m doing is showing you the dangers that such a
course of action can take especially when you leave theory and start thinking!

houthakker - DeepThought RHP 2015

OTB. K. Odeh - N. Moloney Lloyds Bank Open 1991. Black fell into the same trap.
So we have a nice little theme of the week Queen on e4 hitting h7 and the a8 Rook.

Phillidor284 - Dragofonz RHP 2005

And of course it is my utmost pleasure to show you one going pear shaped.

putnah - katty 2005

red pawns

So now I stroll across to the RHP Well of Despair where all wishes are ignored.
I lower a bucket and see what treasure I can pull up from it’s dark murky depth.

Blanca - TheSlayer01 RHP 2007

Finally a word about the Blitz Feature on Red Hot Pawn. I think it’s vastly under
used. I go there from time to time and see just a handful of the same players.
So how about some of you reading this hitting the blitz site and have some fun.

How about making Sunday a Blitz Day. Every Sunday just pop on and play a half a
dozen or so games. It’s unrated and nobody really cares about the result. I had better
warn you it’s addictive. I usually play 4 minutes with no added time but I’ll play any
time control as long as it’s five minutes or under. So come on and hit the Blitz Site for
a good old fashioned blunder-busting, swash-buckling, forehead- slapping stramash.

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