The RHP Jewel of Doom + The Ducks' Travels Continue

The RHP Jewel of Doom + The Ducks' Travels Continue

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The RHP Jewel of Doom + The Ducks' Travels Continue

The Duck has left New York. Thank you St40.
And is now staying with kbear1k in Rhode Island.

The snow blizzard which hit the USA has hampered The Duck's visit to the
Blackstone Chess Club but Kbear has sent us a few snaps of The Duck playing
their daughters Duck at the snow.

Kbear writes:

The Duck is well versed in his classical chess games. My daughter's duck is a
novice. The position should be familiar to all expericenced chess players.

This weekend I'll take "Duck" to the Blackstone Chess Club in Rhode Island and
see if I can get a picture of him with Zugzwang the cat.
Next week I'll get him up to Cambridge, MA.

Thank you Kbear, another pic of The Duck v the daughter's duck at the bottom.

Duck v Duck

Already have someone lined for the Duck to visit Yale.
After that he wants to go to mid America, east America then Canada.
green bar

I see in Thread 151247 yet another Piece Evaluation discussion is taking place.

How many times must I slam your heads together over this subject.

Yet you sit there cuddling and quoting from your books written by Kotov, Shirov, Karpov…
Just because someone’s name ends in an ‘…ov’ it does not make them genius correct.

Did Beethoven change his name to Beethovenov when he painted the Blue Danube.


So for the very last time:

Pawns = worthless, get rid of them.

Let kewo be your new hero, your guiding light, your savior.

cLiMan - kewo RHP 2007

Kewo is 8 pawns down. Yes he is facing 8 passed pawns….and wins!
We join this classic masterpiece mid game when kewo is already 4 pawns down.

How the last game should have finished with Kewo playing 15...Ke3


The Queen's Rook takes to long to get into play so offer it as bait
on an open diagonal to a g7 Bishop or to a Knight via Nc2+.

TomFMK - BigJase RHP 2007

TomFMK lures the g7 Bishop out of it’s shell first with the Queen’s Rook
and then offers the same Bishop the King’s Rook.
Black took both with the expected result.

Keep Knights, they are tricky. Only a few players know how to move them.

germfreak - Feicko RHP 2008

Germfreaks Knight wins this one single-handed. The rest of the White pieces
don’t even move.

Wait till your mug opponent castles.
The Queen's Bishop pins and chops the Knight on f6 or f3.
This opens the door for the King's Bishop to sac on h7 or h2.

chootbaal - Niobe RHP 2008

Chootbaal plays for this from move one. Watch.

Waste of space, a liability. Sac her the first chance you for any active Bishop or Knight.

Indosmart - SilentSpic RHP 2007

Indosmart shows us what to do with Queens and also puts into action some of the other
ideas we have discussed. Sacs a pawn, sacs the a1 Rook to a Nc2+ and those tricky Knights.
One of the best ever games played on Red Hot Pawn. It needs a name.

The RHP Jewel of Doom.

Finally (though anything after that last game is going to be an anti climax.)

Sometimes all you need do is look at the final position to see what has happened.

knight majik - Ray Zachary RHP 2009

Knight Majik does Knight magic with his opponents Knights
Retro analysis anyone? Here is the final position.

You don’t have to be a Swiss Gambit Retro Bandit for this one.
Both useless Rooks (worth a lot less than active Knights in the opening.) have
been given up to take the active Knights out of the game.

Happy Looking Duck

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