The White Pawn and The Green Knight

The White Pawn and The Green Knight

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The White Pawn and The Green Knight


See. I knew with a bit of shoving and nudging I could unearthed another
famous sculptor like Joe DiMaggio.

(He’s an idiot. He means Michael Angelo - Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player…….Russ)

Up to the plate. (I wonder why a baseball link just popped into my head.)….
Up to the plate steps mrr1612 and look at this.

The White Pawn

Now I’m only a partial expert on sculpture but that is brilliant.
mrr1612 wants to quit his job as a door to door calendar salesman (He’s never without a date!)
and go to the Sculpting School of Sculpting which must exist somewhere.

You wait for ages for the No.27 bus and suddenly two come along.
Oh yes I have two chess pieces made from snow.
This time Mother Nature insists on appearing in the blog.

Morgski was potholing down a lava tube near Reykjavik when he suddenly saw daylight.
Part of the roof has collapsed in the lava tube allowing snow to build up and it has
created a huge green Knight.

The Green Knight

Morgski writes:

“I took a 60 second exposure and lit it with my head-torch on its green setting in
honour of the greenpawn blogs.”

Did you read that?

There he is 100 feet under the ice and snow and all he is concerned about is
the green light working.

Amazing dedication.

Thank you mrr1612 and Morgski.

More of this lads, Send pics to:

PM me when you have as I don’t check it daily.

green bar

Last week I did the ‘Birth of a Book’ this week.
‘The Birth of a Bit in the Blog.’

In Thread 144493 I posted this position.

White to play and mate in two.

You solve it by playing the first ridiculous move you can think of.

1. h8 = Bishop
1. g8 = Knight
1. h3
1. Qd1
1. Ke1
1. Rh1

All mate next move. It does not matter what move you play it’s mate next move.

The grey cells mumbled and grumbled. Ridiculous move….
Was there not a position from a game that you were given 10 guesses to play
the next move……

Found it. Tony Miles in his column from Chess Cafe.
A few months ago I downloaded Tony’s archived columns after being
pointed towards them from the English Chess Forum.
(Last time I looked you can still download Tony’s stuff….100% recommended.)

So something stuck.

Vukovic (2471) v Aldrovandi (2351) European Championship 2000

The opening moves were 1 e4 c5 2 b3 Nc6 3 Bb2 d6 4 Bb5 e5 5 f4

I now hand you over to Tony Miles:

“I first came across this position in a bar in St Vincent. Jan Timman was shaking
his head incredulously " Can you believe what Black played in this position?"

If you haven't seen it try to guess Black's next move. (I am attempting to be
helpful by suggesting you guess... If you work it out logically call your nearest
psychiatrist immediately!

Come to think of it, have 10 guesses...) And if that is too easy, try to predict the
result and length of the game! Have fun... “

Thank You.

OK boys give it a few minutes. What would you play here?
I’ll play out the whole game at the bottom of this blog.

Staying with the same theme. ‘Guess What Happened Next’
I present you with:

xjohn - WinningKingsPawnb RHP 2010

Black to play

OK what happened in this game. 10 guesses.

1. White Resigned
2. Black Resigned
3. The game was agreed drawn
4. White stalemated Black
5. Black stalemated White
6. White timed out
7. Black timed out
8. White Checkmated Black
9. Black Checkmated White.
10. None of the above.

I won’t keep you in suspenders for this one.

green bar

Thread 144621 was on the subject of illegal moves and Fabian
mentioned a game where the King and Queen started on the wrong square.
He could not supply me with the game. But I have two!!

Well one really. For this I too have to go to my archives from The Corner.

In the 2005 Edinburgh Minor my mate Robert Burns.... (this is him marked with the arrow.).

Robert Burns

(Robert with some of his Sandy Bells team. He loves his Chess.)

......Played a woman called A. Lawrence-O'Reilly. This was the position at the
start of the game.

The Black King and Queen were on the wrong square.

Neither player noticed, the game was played, Robert won. (a checkmate), the result stood.

I heard about this a day later and knowing Robert had never kept a correct score
sheet in his life I made up a game for my report on the Congress. Here it is.

Apparently that game score appeared in a newspaper column or club mag in San Francisco!
(they should really check their facts.)

Infact I was wrong on three counts.

Robert was not Black.
That was me thinking if anyone would start a game with their King and Queen on
the wrong colour it would be him.

So Black did not win (wrong again) and finally Robert did indeed keep a correct score of
the game. (Yes. They only time he ever manages to keep a correct and it’s from an
illegal game. I love him.)

Here is the actual game how it happened.

green bar

Now what? Oh yes……The PM. This arrived.
(and I was given permission by the sender to use it&hellip😉


Hi greenpawn34

I have been looking through your blogs, of which I enjoy to read whenever
I see the date tick over, but couldn't find quite what I was looking for.

I find myself getting stuck in the openings. I have never really focused on it
and have just played with the knowledge I had of the game (knights and bishops
first, control the centre).

What might you suggest I do with regards to the opening, if that makes any sense?




I get loads of PM’s. I try to answer them all. But first try the Chess Forum.
There are loads of guys who will help and often it leads onto something else.
Most of this blog is made up from threads I have plundered that were started by you guys.

So the first thing we do is look at a recent game of TK80’s.


I use to show my clever wins to the good guys.
They pointed out the holes. But I won so I never listened.
You only learn from your losses is a chess saying that must not be taken lightly.

There are two holes TK80. Black to play.

The move 9.Bf4 is actually taking away a needed flight square for the Knight.

The first hole is obvious 9….b5 10.axb5 cxd5.

There is a White pawn on b5 so the pin trick Bb5 is not on.
White is a piece down, he has a few pawns for it……hmmm....
Unclear is the cop out here. It's up to you. White has play.

The second hole is perhaps not quite so obvious.
Though some may have seen this move first.

Where are Black troubles stemming from? The placing of the Black Queen?
So move the thing to the only square she can go to. 9…Qd8.

It is a sin in chess that sometimes the more imaginative player is punished.
But also there is a kind beauty in this 9…Qd8 retreat. The trapper trapped.

The White Knight has no flight square (9.Bf4) and the Bb5 trick has gone.

“What about 10.Nb4 I hear you ask?”

10.Nb4 d5!

Poxy Black d5’s in 1.e4 e5 openings. You have to watch out for them with every move.

The c4 Bishop is attacked, the Knight is hanging with a check.

So just keep going the way you are playing mate. You learn by playing and
playing and playing.

Get the Mammoth of Chess (my standard advice - I don’t have all the answers).
It gives you a feel for every opening., plus a all the usual traps linked to that opening.
Also basic endings, everything and a lot more besides……..and it’s cheap.

green bar

The Solution to the game from the Tony Miles section.

Here is the full game.

Vukovic (2471) v Aldrovandi (2351) European Championship 2000

The thread link to this blog is Thread 144648
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