World Title Wrap Up + Why You Blunder.

World Title Wrap Up + Why You Blunder.

The Planet Greenpawn

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Well it’s over. Vishy Anand has retained his world title after winning
the four 25 minute play off’s 1-0 and three draws.

Vishy and Boris

(you have names mixed up…….Russ)

Boris and Vishy

This was the final position from the World Championship match.

A dead draw. This is Endgame Ernie territory.

green bar

Hi Endgame Fans.
What a super - duper match with all those lovely and interesting draws.

I’m afraid I have some examples of drawn Rook and Pawns endings very similar
to the final position above being lost by some of the RHP lads.

Huragan - bergkamps left boot RHP 2009. Black to play.

33…g5+ looks OK. Better than what was played. 33….f6 34.Rh7 mate.

nibbe - Badwater RHP 2009

Lizard King - SirKano RHP 2004

This is a classic.

This is a possible line if White had seen 5.Kg5 was a blunder.

This last blunder is humerous and quite instructive.

Dralen - gregwxy RHP 2009

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One of the reason why weaker player lose is they do not give enough
time to critical positions.
Critical positions are big moments in games and often demand only one correct move.

Spotting the moment when a critical position is in front of you is…er.....critical.

First and we see a luft with tempo trick.

Freddie2008 - Mike Pearce RHP Ch 2012

White has just captured a Knight on f2 with his Queen confident in the fact that
Black cannot re-take the Queen due to 2.Rxe8+ which wins back the Queen.

Of course Black played 1…h5+ (luft with check.) and then took on f2.

We follow that example with a missed luft with check.

cabandmush - Zenic RHP Ch 2012

Promoting a pawn is always a big game altering move and should be treated with respect.
You have spent all that time getting the pawn up to the seventh rank, the least you can do
is make sure you get it right. Under normal circumstances it is often the winning move
and as we seen over the past few months. there is nothing more vulnerable at the
chessboard than an inexperienced player making his winning move.

I’m nicking one from Endgame Ernie as an example.

yinyang78 - tonimontana RHP 2007. Black to play.

Black played his winning move. 38…e1=Q and the resigned after 39.Rh2+
He should have slipped in 38…Rd5+ and then promote the pawn.

The critical factor doubles when each player has a pawn on the 7th.
Then tempo is everything. It is not always the first who promotes who has the upper
hand. It is the first check that is critical. You must get in the first check.

Look at this position, Poekels - Thaba RHP Ch 2012. White to play.

White’s best move here is 1.fxe3 instead he played 1.c8=Q.

Remember this:

“….there is nothing more vulnerable at the chessboard than an inexperienced
player making his winning move.”

Here is an instructive missed opportunity that dropped into a players lap
by a relaxed opponent who played his winning move.

Mike Pearce - jshaftoe RHP Ch 2012

lraonne - boblix RHP Ch 2012
Another case of a player with a won game blowing it by playing the most obvious move.
White wins a pawn instead of winning a King.

White played 41.Rxf7+ and the game was later drawn.
There is mate in two there. 41.Re1+ Kd8 42.Rxe8 mate.

Let’s talk to the Duck.

The Duck

Windmills and Dovetails.

That greenpawn chap is always prattling on about Check all Checks.
That means on EVERY move look at ALL possible checks in the position.
If you seen one does it lead anyway that looks interesting, is there a follow up check.
dotjar - Mydogspot RHP Ch 2012. Black to play.

The dog called Spot snapped at the bone on g2. 1…Qxg2.
Given the Checks all Checks clue above, can you see a better move?.

Thank you Duck.

I am just waiting for a few games to finish in the 2012 RHP Championship then
I'll do a final table and put all the games on a site for you to download.
A few of the unfinished games have timed out. You could do me a favour
and just click the skull. Don't feel bad about it. Just blame me.

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