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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
Help Wanted: Club Lead Admin, Please inquire within.
  • Club rating 1492
    Joined 03 Jul '15 18:47
    Last moved 22 Mar '18 05:52
    Rated games 358 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12647829Subscriber Charlie670Donation Luckonline22 Mar '18 13:41infoIn progress
12647842Donation LuckonlineSubscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 13:41infoIn progress
12650208Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber Very Rusty22 Mar '18 13:33infoIn progress
12650209Subscriber Very RustySubscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 13:33infoIn progress
12647832Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber Marinkatombonline22 Mar '18 12:26infoIn progress
12647863Subscriber MarinkatombonlineSubscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 12:24infoIn progress
12647870Subscriber gina0104Subscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 12:22infoIn progress
12647833Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber gina010422 Mar '18 12:22infoIn progress
12652694Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber BaronVonChickenpants22 Mar '18 12:21infoIn progress
12652695Subscriber BaronVonChickenpantsSubscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 12:21infoIn progress
12647877Subscriber bob58onlineSubscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 10:41infoIn progress
12647834Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber bob58online22 Mar '18 10:40infoIn progress
12647828Subscriber Charlie670Donation rigidwithfearonline22 Mar '18 08:55infoIn progress
12647835Donation rigidwithfearonlineSubscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 08:54infoIn progress
12647831Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber dinc16822 Mar '18 05:53infoIn progress
12647856Subscriber dinc168Subscriber Charlie67022 Mar '18 05:53infoIn progress
12607506Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Charlie67021 Mar '18 19:23infoIn progress
12577624Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Charlie67021 Mar '18 19:22infoIn progress
12607503Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber bohemia51online21 Mar '18 19:22infoIn progress
12577619Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber bohemia51online21 Mar '18 19:22infoIn progress
12577627Subscriber blue birdSubscriber Charlie67021 Mar '18 16:50infoIn progress
12570323Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber 64squaresofpain20 Mar '18 19:11infoIn progress
12577620Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber blue bird20 Mar '18 19:11infoIn progress
12570360Subscriber 64squaresofpainSubscriber Charlie67020 Mar '18 19:09infoIn progress
12589725Subscriber gina0104Subscriber Charlie67020 Mar '18 15:21infoResigned (1-0)
12607502Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber pdunne20 Mar '18 15:20infoIn progress
12607504Subscriber pdunneSubscriber Charlie67020 Mar '18 15:20infoIn progress
12426840Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber Marks77720 Mar '18 15:19infoIn progress
12647830Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber mallys720 Mar '18 15:17infoIn progress
12647849Subscriber mallys7Subscriber Charlie67020 Mar '18 15:16infoIn progress

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