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Nonngraded Tournaments
The aim of this club is to provide a regular supply of Non-graded tournaments so that players can meet other players of a wide grade.
  • Club rating 1022
    Joined 20 Apr '17 16:17
    Last moved 25 May '18 11:33
    Rated games 213 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12662573Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 19:59infoIn progress
12658080Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 19:59infoIn progress
12662623Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 19:59infoIn progress
12696040Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck25 May '18 19:59infoIn progress
12647851Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck25 May '18 19:58infoIn progress
12696038Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 19:58infoIn progress
12696568Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck25 May '18 19:58infoIn progress
12696567Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 19:58infoIn progress
12647844Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 19:56infoIn progress
12574133Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck25 May '18 19:56infoIn progress
12689029Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bob58 On Vacation25 May '18 19:21infoIn progress
12595861Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bohemia5125 May '18 18:28infoIn progress
12595862Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber mallys725 May '18 18:25infoIn progress
12580750Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber mallys725 May '18 11:26infoIn progress
12740752Subscriber jb70Subscriber mallys725 May '18 11:24infoIn progress
12740751Subscriber mallys7Subscriber jb7025 May '18 11:23infoIn progress
12540270Subscriber bob58 On VacationSubscriber mallys725 May '18 11:19infoCheckmate (1-0)
12593647Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck25 May '18 11:19infoIn progress
12604242Subscriber mallys7Subscriber eir25 May '18 10:56infoIn progress
12560089Subscriber mallys7Subscriber jb7025 May '18 10:36infoIn progress
12540263Subscriber jb70Subscriber mallys725 May '18 10:36infoIn progress
12570270Donation LuckSubscriber mallys725 May '18 10:26infoIn progress
12726069Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline25 May '18 07:59infoIn progress
12574137Subscriber mallys7Subscriber jb7025 May '18 05:37infoIn progress
12569959Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck24 May '18 21:53infoIn progress
12604562Donation LuckSubscriber mallys724 May '18 21:24infoIn progress
12658087Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck24 May '18 21:23infoIn progress
12521462Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber mallys724 May '18 18:32infoIn progress
12648144Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline24 May '18 16:42infoIn progress
12563730Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck24 May '18 16:19infoIn progress

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