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Nonngraded Tournaments
The aim of this club is to provide a regular supply of Non-graded tournaments so that players can meet other players of a wide grade.
  • Club rating 1112
    Joined 20 Apr '17 16:17
    Last moved 19 Aug '18 02:25
    Rated games 279 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12769271Subscriber mallys7Subscriber tommykonline19 Aug '18 07:29infoIn progress
12858107Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 06:54infoIn progress
12844460Subscriber mallys7Subscriber jb70online19 Aug '18 06:53infoIn progress
12844467Subscriber jb70onlineSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 06:52infoIn progress
12768941Subscriber jb70onlineSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 06:51infoIn progress
12662426Subscriber mallys7Subscriber golddog219 Aug '18 05:53infoIn progress
12761548Subscriber bob58Subscriber mallys719 Aug '18 03:11infoIn progress
12761547Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bob5819 Aug '18 03:10infoIn progress
12689030Subscriber bob58Subscriber mallys719 Aug '18 03:10infoIn progress
12689029Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bob5819 Aug '18 03:09infoIn progress
12647880Subscriber bob58Subscriber mallys719 Aug '18 03:09infoIn progress
12647855Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bob5819 Aug '18 03:09infoIn progress
12662576Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck19 Aug '18 02:45infoIn progress
12662623Donation LuckSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 02:45infoIn progress
12658087Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck19 Aug '18 02:45infoIn progress
12820308Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck19 Aug '18 02:45infoIn progress
12658080Donation LuckSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 02:44infoIn progress
12769272Subscriber tommykonlineSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 01:20infoIn progress
12780869Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck19 Aug '18 00:42infoIn progress
12820304Donation LuckSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 00:40infoIn progress
12653756Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck19 Aug '18 00:39infoIn progress
12780868Donation LuckSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 00:39infoIn progress
12849395Donation LuckSubscriber mallys719 Aug '18 00:38infoIn progress
12849396Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck19 Aug '18 00:38infoIn progress
12696038Donation LuckSubscriber mallys718 Aug '18 20:19infoIn progress
12729604Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck18 Aug '18 20:07infoIn progress
12771360Donation LuckSubscriber mallys718 Aug '18 20:04infoIn progress
12771362Subscriber mallys7Donation Luck18 Aug '18 19:55infoIn progress
12706205Donation LuckSubscriber mallys718 Aug '18 19:54infoIn progress
12705085Donation LuckSubscriber mallys718 Aug '18 19:53infoIn progress

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