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Open to all who love Brazil
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12697091Subscriber dn84Subscriber king080918 Jul '18 21:48infoIn progress
    12808668Subscriber king0809Subscriber Muxagata18 Jul '18 21:25infoIn progress
    12808637Subscriber MuxagataSubscriber king080918 Jul '18 21:25infoIn progress
    12804044Subscriber 76XadrezSubscriber king080918 Jul '18 21:16infoIn progress
    12804045Subscriber king0809Subscriber 76Xadrez18 Jul '18 21:16infoIn progress
    12808672Subscriber king0809Subscriber dn8418 Jul '18 21:11infoIn progress
    12808665Subscriber dn84Subscriber king080918 Jul '18 21:10infoIn progress
    12770466Subscriber MuxagataSubscriber 76Xadrez18 Jul '18 20:37infoIn progress
    12762635Subscriber wanderspSubscriber dn8418 Jul '18 17:59infoIn progress
    12762654Subscriber dn84Subscriber wandersp18 Jul '18 17:58infoIn progress
    12695475Subscriber 76XadrezSubscriber dn8418 Jul '18 17:54infoResigned (1-0)
    12779868Subscriber dn84Subscriber 76Xadrez18 Jul '18 17:04infoIn progress
    12779875Subscriber 76XadrezSubscriber dn8418 Jul '18 16:54infoIn progress
    12777916Subscriber wanderspSubscriber ol5318 Jul '18 15:55infoIn progress
    12777919Subscriber ol53Subscriber wandersp18 Jul '18 15:54infoIn progress
    12346522Subscriber fccmattosStandard member pdunne18 Jul '18 12:14infoIn progress
    12346519Subscriber fccmattosSubscriber wandersp18 Jul '18 12:13infoIn progress
    12346529Standard member pdunneSubscriber fccmattos18 Jul '18 12:13infoIn progress
    12808636Subscriber MuxagataSubscriber dn8418 Jul '18 11:48infoIn progress
    12785458Standard member rmarcusSubscriber Muxagata18 Jul '18 11:47infoIn progress
    12798225Subscriber MuxagataSubscriber dn8418 Jul '18 11:39infoIn progress
    12808661Subscriber dn84Subscriber Muxagata18 Jul '18 11:38infoIn progress
    12523970Subscriber raioxStandard member pdunne18 Jul '18 09:21infoIn progress
    12524001Standard member pdunneSubscriber raiox18 Jul '18 09:20infoIn progress
    12695476Subscriber 76XadrezSubscriber king080918 Jul '18 05:20infoIn progress
    12695483Subscriber king0809Subscriber 76Xadrez18 Jul '18 05:19infoIn progress
    12810012Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber king080918 Jul '18 04:41infoTimeout (0-1)
    12810010Subscriber king0809Subscriber richard spedale 218 Jul '18 04:41infoTimeout (1-0)
    12798238Subscriber dn84Subscriber Muxagata15 Jul '18 23:40infoCheckmate (1-0)
    12716539Subscriber wanderspSubscriber ol5314 Jul '18 23:50infoGame drawn

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