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Open to all who love Brazil
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12346484Subscriber RogerioRamosStandard member Arionn24 Mar '18 06:06infoIn progress
    12566306Subscriber dn84Subscriber 76Xadrez On Vacation24 Mar '18 00:58infoIn progress
    12566319Subscriber 76Xadrez On VacationSubscriber dn8424 Mar '18 00:58infoIn progress
    12652297Subscriber HiChiefSubscriber wandersp23 Mar '18 23:47infoIn progress
    12652296Subscriber wanderspSubscriber HiChief23 Mar '18 23:46infoIn progress
    12649379Subscriber MuxagataonlineSubscriber wandersp23 Mar '18 22:57infoIn progress
    12649392Subscriber wanderspSubscriber Muxagataonline23 Mar '18 22:57infoIn progress
    12606544Subscriber MuxagataonlineStandard member rmarcus23 Mar '18 11:01infoIn progress
    12346515Subscriber raioxSubscriber pdunne22 Mar '18 10:06infoIn progress
    12346528Subscriber pdunneSubscriber raiox22 Mar '18 10:05infoIn progress
    12346508Standard member ArionnSubscriber pdunne21 Mar '18 16:11infoIn progress
    12346503Standard member ArionnSubscriber RogerioRamos21 Mar '18 02:57infoIn progress
    12492136Subscriber wanderspSubscriber pdunne20 Mar '18 23:46infoIn progress
    12346491Subscriber MuxagataonlineStandard member Arionn20 Mar '18 23:39infoIn progress
    12610994Subscriber RODbrSubscriber 76Xadrez On Vacation20 Mar '18 02:43infoIn progress
    12346520Subscriber fccmattosStandard member Arionn19 Mar '18 23:37infoIn progress
    12346507Standard member ArionnSubscriber fccmattos19 Mar '18 23:35infoIn progress
    12346519Subscriber fccmattosSubscriber wandersp19 Mar '18 19:54infoIn progress
    12524001Subscriber pdunneSubscriber raiox19 Mar '18 19:21infoIn progress
    12523970Subscriber raioxSubscriber pdunne19 Mar '18 19:20infoIn progress
    12346486Subscriber RogerioRamosSubscriber fccmattos18 Mar '18 16:48infoIn progress
    12346524Subscriber pdunneSubscriber RogerioRamos18 Mar '18 16:47infoIn progress
    12346517Subscriber fccmattosSubscriber RogerioRamos18 Mar '18 16:45infoIn progress
    12346487Subscriber RogerioRamosSubscriber pdunne18 Mar '18 16:44infoIn progress
    12610997Subscriber 76Xadrez On VacationSubscriber RODbr17 Mar '18 13:40infoResigned (1-0)
    12622694Subscriber dn84Subscriber HiChief17 Mar '18 11:58infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12622681Subscriber HiChiefSubscriber dn8416 Mar '18 00:43infoResigned (0-1)
    12524000Subscriber pdunneSubscriber jocsjunior14 Mar '18 23:12infoIn progress
    12523959Subscriber jocsjuniorSubscriber pdunne14 Mar '18 22:57infoIn progress
    12346514Subscriber raioxSubscriber fccmattos14 Mar '18 06:59infoIn progress

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