Open to all who love Brazil

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1638Standard memberpdunne405029 Sep '19 14:07Club Games
1577Standard memberJohn McRow211961403 Apr '18 10:57Club Games
1569SubscriberRogerioRamos10433806 Jun '23 02:25Club Games
1564Standard memberjocsjunior240652708 Mar '21 19:47Club Games
1560Standard memberfccmattos8022727 May '23 23:47Club Games
1541Subscriberraiox82371006 Jun '23 09:52Club Games
1536Standard memberPaulo Hubert3716418 Sep '17 12:12Club Games
1497Subscriberol534391565806 Jun '23 00:54Club Games
1453Standard membertonyalme412130 Aug '09 03:20Club Games
1388Standard memberkapjek10080305 Jun '23 01:13Club Games
1372Standard memberAleMac3431204 Nov '22 05:34Club Games
1367Standard membermaria lins2912062113 Sep '16 16:17Club Games
1360SubscriberMuxagata2152512506 Jun '23 01:24Club Games
1354Standard memberrmarcus126891806 Jun '23 01:08Club Games
1353Standard memberFlowwiththego1012014 Mar '15 20:14Club Games
1349Standard membergorrad5064831 Mar '20 03:31Club Games
1348Standard memberMarinkatomb2823225 Jan '19 10:34Club Games
1347Standard memberAndre Viegas2722006 Jun '23 07:36Club Games
1338Standard membernelsongil3628801 Mar '17 23:55Club Games
1333Standard memberTodikovic10040414 Apr '18 18:53Club Games
1310SubscriberRODbr6187606 Jun '23 01:20Club Games
1288Standard memberwalmir Gil133242524 May '17 09:19Club Games
1246Standard membercloneone1411005 Feb '18 08:23Club Games
1225Standard membernimzo5814023 Sep '20 11:02Club Games
1201Standard memberVendi90193716 Dec '14 18:15Club Games
1186Standard membergeneralissimo814215 Oct '12 15:48Club Games
1172Standard memberpl001711205 Jun '23 20:01Club Games
1165Standard memberianczyk910109 Feb '18 18:03Club Games
1161Standard memberBritish Telecom1126116 Jan '14 09:17Club Games
1155Standard memberbillsmith32851215 May '14 03:45Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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