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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1697Standard memberpdunne351019 Feb '19 11:44Club Games
1595Subscriberfccmattos7417713 Feb '19 20:00Club Games
1589Subscriberjocsjunior237622619 Feb '19 01:31Club Games
1577Standard memberJohn McRow211961403 Apr '18 10:57Club Games
1536Standard memberPaulo Hubert3716418 Sep '17 12:12Club Games
1503SubscriberRogerioRamos9731819 Feb '19 16:17Club Games
1473Standard memberraiox7234919 Feb '19 06:47Club Games
1461Subscriberol534291505717 Feb '19 17:48Club Games
1453Standard membertonyalme412130 Aug '09 03:20Club Games
1404Standard memberrmarcus62451019 Feb '19 05:43Club Games
1367Standard membermaria lins2912062113 Sep '16 16:17Club Games
1366Subscriberkapjek8469318 Feb '19 07:10Club Games
1353Standard memberFlowwiththego1012014 Mar '15 20:14Club Games
1349Subscribergorrad5064819 Feb '19 16:50Club Games
1348SubscriberMarinkatomb2823225 Jan '19 10:34Club Games
1347Standard memberAndre Viegas2722016 Feb '17 10:28Club Games
1338Standard membernelsongil3628801 Mar '17 23:55Club Games
1333Standard memberTodikovic10040414 Apr '18 18:53Club Games
1313Standard memberArionn3042543719 Jan '19 22:15Club Games
1305SubscriberMuxagata1501721619 Feb '19 19:01Club Games
1289SubscriberHiChief8596219 Feb '19 16:56Club Games
1288Standard memberwalmir Gil133242524 May '17 09:19Club Games
1247Subscriberdn846671819 Feb '19 16:20Club Games
1246Standard membercloneone1411005 Feb '18 08:23Club Games
1232SubscriberAleMac1725119 May '17 14:45Club Games
1225Standard membernimzo5814007 Dec '12 11:59Club Games
1210Subscriber76Xadrez2440119 Feb '19 17:32Club Games
1201Standard memberVendi90193716 Dec '14 18:15Club Games
1186Standard membergeneralissimo814215 Oct '12 15:48Club Games
1181SubscriberRODbr4975419 Feb '19 18:55Club Games

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