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Open to all who love Brazil
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1641Subscriber fccmattos7013710 Dec '17 13:56Club Games
1591Subscriber jocsjunior230602429 Oct '17 00:09Club Games
1577Standard member John McRow211961414 Dec '17 16:31Club Games
1536Standard member Paulo Hubert3716418 Sep '17 12:12Club Games
1502Subscriber raiox6424715 Dec '17 13:48Club Games
1473Subscriber RogerioRamos9431613 Dec '17 19:45Club Games
1453Standard member tonyalme412130 Aug '09 03:20Club Games
1425Subscriber ol534121495514 Dec '17 19:53Club Games
1413Standard member rmarcus5138915 Dec '17 11:04Club Games
1377Subscriber kapjek8268315 Dec '17 15:19Club Games
1367Standard member maria lins2912062113 Sep '16 16:17Club Games
1353Standard member Flowwiththego1012014 Mar '15 20:14Club Games
1349Subscriber gorrad5064814 Dec '17 14:57Club Games
1347Standard member Andre Viegas2722016 Feb '17 10:28Club Games
1338Standard member nelsongil3628801 Mar '17 23:55Club Games
1333Standard member Todikovic10040414 Dec '17 09:00Club Games
1328Standard member Marinkatomb2623215 Jun '16 23:05Club Games
1288Subscriber walmir Gil133242524 May '17 09:19Club Games
1278Subscriber dn84 On Vacation4048615 Dec '17 14:16Club Games
1262Subscriber Muxagata1191481415 Dec '17 15:08Club Games
1252Subscriber HiChief7590215 Dec '17 12:58Club Games
1246Standard member cloneone1411015 Dec '17 09:05Club Games
1232Subscriber AleMac1725119 May '17 14:45Club Games
1225Standard member nimzo5814007 Dec '12 11:59Club Games
1221Subscriber RODbr4765415 Dec '17 14:53Club Games
1217Standard member Arionn2982503507 Dec '17 22:24Club Games
1201Standard member Vendi90193716 Dec '14 18:15Club Games
1189Subscriber 76Xadrez1425015 Dec '17 12:28Club Games
1186Standard member generalissimo814215 Oct '12 15:48Club Games
1172Standard member pl001711213 Dec '12 21:52Club Games

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