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Bang Average
For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1419Subscriber FatKidonaTrampoline4116122 Feb '18 06:24Club Games
1301Subscriber Twirly198120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1262Subscriber suicidebishoponline78711622 Feb '18 17:00Club Games
1253Subscriber DTH4740522 Feb '18 16:41Club Games
1245Subscriber shadowplay2015222 Feb '18 12:20Club Games
1244Subscriber mpresson1611022 Feb '18 15:05Club Games
1242Subscriber sandwichjim2117322 Feb '18 16:36Club Games
1217Subscriber jkmelancon2724022 Feb '18 16:51Club Games
1206Subscriber WB6SVS3833322 Feb '18 16:43Club Games
1171Subscriber mig21online83791922 Feb '18 17:01Club Games
1162Subscriber OMuniz8603743122 Feb '18 13:32Club Games
1115Subscriber Oneleggedjedionline1523122 Feb '18 16:58Club Games
1028Subscriber Luath3463622 Feb '18 14:01Club Games
1019Subscriber BigD001860022 Feb '18 03:33Club Games

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