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Bang Average
For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1585Subscriber bohemia51343025 May '18 19:07Club Games
1392Standard member belekas155123 May '18 05:06Club Games
1363Subscriber FatKidonaTrampoline6329226 May '18 05:55Club Games
1289Subscriber Oneleggedjedi3833326 May '18 00:32Club Games
1279Subscriber king08094435425 May '18 19:42Club Games
1275Subscriber shadowplay3527623 May '18 22:23Club Games
1263Subscriber Twirly1910120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1239Subscriber dinc1683027526 May '18 04:50Club Games
1233Subscriber jocular3061410226 May '18 00:52Club Games
1232Subscriber DTH5043626 May '18 04:19Club Games
1220Subscriber sandwichjim2321326 May '18 02:36Club Games
1217Subscriber mig211191363525 May '18 22:41Club Games
1214Subscriber OMuniz8608085326 May '18 00:25Club Games
1212Subscriber Luath6378824 May '18 14:46Club Games
1181Subscriber mpresson2524225 May '18 23:06Club Games
1175Subscriber suicidebishop1281023225 May '18 18:48Club Games
1173Subscriber jkmelancon4146124 May '18 18:33Club Games
1168Subscriber Philokalia1514125 May '18 13:41Club Games
1123Subscriber Muxloe Fosse1015025 May '18 12:12Club Games
1111Subscriber WB6SVS5457326 May '18 01:41Club Games
1031Subscriber Tathagatas2550225 May '18 21:42Club Games
863Subscriber BigD0025112126 May '18 02:47Club Games

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