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Bang Average
For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1602Subscriber Tenacitiz223515 Aug '18 05:14Club Games
1589Subscriber bohemia5110815914 Aug '18 19:48Club Games
1401Subscriber king08099658815 Aug '18 06:44Club Games
1392Standard member belekas155116 Jul '18 05:19Club Games
1324Subscriber shadowplay4935615 Aug '18 05:14Club Games
1296Subscriber edenfield991710215 Aug '18 05:32Club Games
1292Subscriber Oneleggedjedi6249315 Aug '18 03:24Club Games
1292Subscriber FatKidonaTrampoline8446214 Aug '18 21:53Club Games
1290Subscriber mpresson4031214 Aug '18 20:22Club Games
1289Subscriber jocular3062922415 Aug '18 01:26Club Games
1283Subscriber DTH6550615 Aug '18 03:49Club Games
1282Subscriber mig212132135214 Aug '18 19:09Club Games
1272Subscriber WB6SVS7266415 Aug '18 03:12Club Games
1263Subscriber Twirly1910120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1237Subscriber suicidebishop1931644115 Aug '18 05:37Club Games
1191Subscriber sandwichjim2525315 Aug '18 05:00Club Games
1172Subscriber Philokalia2018114 Aug '18 04:11Club Games
1140Subscriber Muxloe Fosse1418014 Aug '18 16:49Club Games
1137Subscriber Luath951051111 Aug '18 14:59Club Games
1126Subscriber jkmelancon5864115 Aug '18 03:53Club Games
1079Subscriber OMuniz860113131414 Aug '18 17:19Club Games
985Subscriber BigD0043161115 Aug '18 02:51Club Games
872Subscriber Tathagatas32109214 Aug '18 10:31Club Games
715Subscriber richard spedale 2046016 Jul '18 18:41Club Games

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