Bang Average

For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1578Subscriberbohemia51242321321 Nov '18 19:25Club Games
1558SubscriberTenacitiz3810621 Nov '18 07:25Club Games
1397SubscriberFatKidonaTrampoline11557420 Nov '18 18:27Club Games
1379Standard memberbelekas157116 Jul '18 05:19Club Games
1364Subscriberedenfield993621321 Nov '18 14:44Club Games
1360SubscriberOneleggedjedi9368321 Nov '18 14:13Club Games
1335Subscribershadowplay5439716 Nov '18 20:28Club Games
1321Subscribermig21online3633056521 Nov '18 20:01Club Games
1292SubscriberDTH9771721 Nov '18 13:12Club Games
1273SubscriberWB6SVS10190821 Nov '18 15:49Club Games
1263SubscriberTwirly1910120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1260Subscribersuicidebishoponline2652594721 Nov '18 20:06Club Games
1248Subscribermpressononline5250321 Nov '18 20:05Club Games
1238SubscriberPhilokalia3030321 Nov '18 09:15Club Games
1226Subscriberjocular3064645921 Nov '18 02:03Club Games
1224Subscriberjkmelancon8586121 Nov '18 19:25Club Games
1207Subscribersandwichjimonline3137321 Nov '18 20:00Club Games
1202Subscriberbeardmusic3641421 Nov '18 17:45Club Games
1168Subscriberlstcyr3419221 Nov '18 14:35Club Games
1124SubscriberMuxloe Fosse2432020 Nov '18 22:53Club Games
1090SubscriberOMuniz860131161621 Nov '18 03:44Club Games
1028SubscriberBigD0075214121 Nov '18 04:21Club Games
1007SubscriberTathagatas41129221 Nov '18 11:56Club Games
943SubscriberLuath981501120 Nov '18 08:09Club Games
909Subscriberking0809118165816 Nov '18 08:44Club Games
715Subscriberrichard spedale 2495004 Nov '18 15:24Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).