Bang Average

For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1550SubscriberFatKidonaTrampoline339143928 Feb '21 20:11Club Games
1532SubscriberTenacitiz99271201 Mar '21 08:19Club Games
1518Subscriberedenfield9916880901 Mar '21 09:06Club Games
1511SubscriberPeterbowen8180461801 Mar '21 08:56Club Games
1455Standard memberGoodKnight2U618321 Feb '21 20:03Club Games
1422Subscriberbohemia516281474601 Mar '21 11:10Club Games
1406Subscriberbeardmusic2232382528 Feb '21 18:36Club Games
1386Standard memberMekon3819024 Feb '21 16:08Club Games
1365SubscriberSculptorBloke3813001 Mar '21 12:42Club Games
1326SubscriberOneleggedjedi2121431301 Mar '21 12:13Club Games
1324SubscriberLuath2872841901 Mar '21 10:53Club Games
1318SubscriberDTH1991591301 Mar '21 03:54Club Games
1301Subscribershadowplayonline105801001 Mar '21 13:46Club Games
1275SubscriberWB6SVS2842752001 Mar '21 05:47Club Games
1263Standard memberTwirly1910120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1250Subscriberjocular3061421451601 Mar '21 01:29Club Games
1250SubscriberShadowKnight13862117007 May '20 16:29Club Games
1235Subscriberondman7570401 Mar '21 02:01Club Games
1211Subscribermpresson101103901 Mar '21 10:03Club Games
1206SubscriberMuxloe Fosse9182301 Mar '21 09:10Club Games
1196Subscribertedmatly5049228 Feb '21 20:09Club Games
1164Subscriberjkmelancon182243301 Mar '21 02:57Club Games
1156Subscribermig21online124986214001 Mar '21 13:44Club Games
1127SubscriberPhilokalia9695728 Feb '21 04:15Club Games
1120Subscribersandwichjim6680601 Mar '21 06:06Club Games
1120Standard memberbelekas2229222 Jan '21 06:47Club Games
1104Subscriberlstcyr6298395701 Mar '21 03:39Club Games
1072Subscribersuicidebishop5966988801 Mar '21 08:36Club Games
1071SubscriberOMuniz8602443461728 Feb '21 13:36Club Games
1046Subscriberking08092263231301 Mar '21 12:44Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).