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WhiteRatingBlackRatingNextLast MoveGame State
Subscriber BOBAFETT4U1363Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move12 Dec '17 03:41InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber kingquobleonline1139White to move12 Dec '17 02:57InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber czewiske1430White to move12 Dec '17 00:11InfoIn progress
Subscriber eagleswing1020Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move12 Dec '17 00:00InfoIn progress
Subscriber cheeky1478Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 23:51InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber cheeky1478White to move11 Dec '17 23:50InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber elsport1394White to move11 Dec '17 23:49InfoIn progress
Standard member KIO M1416Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 23:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber petronus1243Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 22:47InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber Speeball1184White to move11 Dec '17 22:30InfoIn progress
Subscriber mig211208Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 22:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber Lightening Stu1146Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 22:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber el toro1147Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 22:08InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber Luath1320Black to move11 Dec '17 21:52InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber WB6SVS1190Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 20:56InfoIn progress
Subscriber Luath1320Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 20:52InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber Ray Gunz I1154Subscriber suicidebishop1312Black to move11 Dec '17 19:31InfoResigned (1-0)
Subscriber DTH1270Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 14:35InfoIn progress
Subscriber DTH1270Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 14:34InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber DTH1270Black to move11 Dec '17 14:32InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber JeanTylerGabriel1177Black to move11 Dec '17 10:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber JeanTylerGabriel1177Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 10:26InfoIn progress
Subscriber lstcyr1034Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 10:24InfoIn progress
Subscriber Chris Sonline1202Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 10:21InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber Chris Sonline1202Black to move11 Dec '17 10:20InfoIn progress
Subscriber coyote2141440Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move11 Dec '17 10:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber suicidebishop1312Subscriber coyote2141440Black to move11 Dec '17 10:17InfoIn progress
Subscriber Jack Leininger1051Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move10 Dec '17 21:13InfoResigned (0-1)
Subscriber catnap6421040Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move10 Dec '17 20:39InfoIn progress
Subscriber catnap6421040Subscriber suicidebishop1312White to move10 Dec '17 20:37InfoIn progress
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