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  1. Subscriber Russ
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    02 May '18 14:43 / 1 edit
    If you would like to help test the current beta, please use this link. Thank you.

    Beta Opt-in URL
  2. Subscriber Russ
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    04 May '18 13:12
    Version 4.3.1 is now being released to production in phases.

    UK/USA will receive the update next Monday.
  3. Subscriber Russ
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    07 May '18 08:27 / 2 edits
    This is now available to everyone from the play store :

    RedHotPawn Android App 4.3.1

    Please leave a review if you enjoy the app, it really helps increasing exposure. If you have any issues, please send feedback before reviewing. Thank you.
  4. 11 May '18 19:01
    Yuck. You've reduced the board size with the new bar on the top with the opponent information. Now we have the opponents name on the screen twice -- this is unnecessary. Simply keep the opponents name at the top and if I want to know their rating or flag information I can tap their name to open the player profile information.
  5. Subscriber Russ
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    11 May '18 22:11 / 1 edit
    Can you tell me which phone you have please? The board should typically not be smaller, but this will depend on the resolution of the device and I'd like to investigate this issue.
  6. 12 May '18 00:21
    Samsung Galaxy 7
  7. Subscriber Russ
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    15 May '18 13:11 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @thrillho
    Samsung Galaxy 7
    I have recreated this device in an emulator :

    Galaxy S7 Specification for Creating a Virtual Device
    Screen Size : 5.1 inches
    Resolution : 1440 x 2560

    And the board is not compressed. (Behavior I would expect only on a very wide display)

    Can you let me know if your phone is a variation of the base Galaxy S7?