1. SubscriberRuss
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    21 Feb '01
    02 Apr '12 11:241 edit
    Minor change, but I wanted to post to explain this.

    This is not just a cosmetic change - some touch screen device users complained that the small buttons were not useable as they were, so the buttons have been spaced apart and enlarged.

    This is a short term fix, because we have a new board UI to release soon (very close to entering testing after a rather prolonged development period), with different buttons anyway. Its a big update and should lead on to quite a few enhancements.

    I'll resist predicting a release date, as estimates so far have been wildly optimistic.

    edit : And it will be tested on iPad before release.
  2. Joined
    24 Apr '10
    05 Apr '12 09:01
    Small change but it means the Analyze Board - important for those of us who'd like their rating to reach 2200 and beyond - is now no longer a pain in the abs to use on a smartphone. So thanks.