1. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    13 May '22 15:343 edits
    When viewing player profiles, the "Last move" text will now indicate "Last live Game" if that player has played a live game since their last regular move. (Note : Last game is recorded at game conclusion)

    Also, the total number of live games played is shown on the player stats.*

    So there is now a distinct stat section for Daily/Correspondence chess and Live Chess. (Live chess is hidden if no games played)

    Daily/Correspondence -> Calendar icon
    Live -> Electric bolt/flash icon

    I had noticed some players appeared to be completely inactive, or had abandoned their accounts right after sign up, but in fact, went on to play live chess. Their games were not previously reflected on their profile. More live stats will arrive in future (distinct from the daily chess stats), so this is a first step.

    *This figure does need to be corrected for prematurely abandoned games, but is mostly accurate.

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