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Andy Kaufman

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Debates 05 Dec '18 03:59
  1. Standard membervivify
    08 Mar '11
    05 Dec '18 03:593 edits

    In the above clip, Andy Kaufman pranks the "The Dating Game" as a character similar to what he played on"Taxi".

    Question: Do you think it would be funnier to be watching him in that audience or on TV, *without* knowing it was all a prank and being taken completely by surprise....

    ......or is it more enjoyable knowing it's a joke, and admiring his technique and enjoying the crowd reaction?

    On the one hand, the pure shock and delighted awkwardness would be unforgettable. But on the other, it's fun watching a genius at work.

    Me, this is the first time I've seen this clip, and I thought it was hilarious. Would I think it would be just as funny if I didn't know it was a prank? I don't. I think I'd feel bad for the guy, though I doubt I could keep from laughing.

    Maybe I'd figure out it was all a joke, and :
    a) get somewhat annoyed; or,
    b) figure out it's a prank, and laugh even enjoy it even more

    But knowing he Kaufman was and seeing this clip, I thought this was hilarious, watching a master of trolling.

    I don't know. Would I have enjoyed this more if I didn't know who Kaufman was? Or did I miss out by knowing all about the guy I was about to see? Is a prank funnier if you unknowingly watch one unfold, or if you know a prank is happening?