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  1. 16 May '10 03:00 / 1 edit

    Apparently Home land security is slashing the bank when it comes to defending New York City.

    "Cuts that came in the immediate aftermath of the attempted car bombing in Times Square. Which come in the aftermath of the attempted bombings in the subway. Which come in the aftermath of a dozen other attempted attacks. Which come in the aftermath of 9/11. All of which come before the next attempt, which is sure to come. Most experts think that the chances are better than ever it will be in the subways. Yet the department of Homeland Security is cutting our transit funding from $153 million to $111 million. Money to protect the port is being cut from $45 million to $33.8 million. A government official who is privy to some of the intellegence that is summarized each day for the President says there is a "constant threat stream" regarding New York city. "Absolute insanity," the official said of the cuts."

    Well I have to hand it to the President. After going on a spending spree that has more than doubled the deficit and inacting the biggest entitlement in US history, he is starting to be concerned about the debt. Kudos to the President.