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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    11 Jun '18 01:521 edit

    "Locked and Loaded for the Lord
    After the Rev. Moon died in 2012, his church split apart.
    Two of his sons established a new congregation.
    Their followers are eagerly awaiting the end times. And they are armed."

    "A key pillar of Sanctuary dogma is the importance of owning a gun,
    particularly the lethal, lightweight AR-15 semiautomatic."

    "Although Revelation was written long before the advent of firearms,
    Pastor Sean concluded that “rod of iron” was Bible-speak for the AR-15
    and that Christ, not being a “tyrant,” will need armed sovereigns to help
    him keep the peace in his kingdom."

    "Pacing the altar, he then segued into a freewheeling, gunfire-and-brimstone diatribe.
    “You must shed the slave mentality and adopt the royal mentality. …
    The Democratic Party has become the Communist Party funded by Nazi
    collaborator George Soros. … The fake ministers and fake priests are
    pushing a dictator-Christ.” He took potshots at some favorite targets:
    Hillary Clinton (“she was paying for the Russian dossier” ), Pope Francis
    (“a socialist, communist devil” ) and government that gets too big for its britches."

    "Pastor Sean told his flock. “The way of the rod of iron [AR-15] is the way of love.”

    "Justin Moon is a hyper defender of the Second Amendment. Private citizens,
    he says, should have unfettered access to any handheld weapon the
    U.S. military uses. “Were every woman in America to exercise their right
    to bear arms, America would basically eliminate its crime rate,” he told me
    one morning at Kahr Arms. “Nobody would be able to rape them or rob them.”"

    "Individually, Sanctuary Church members come across as honest, reasonable,
    upright folk, the stuff of good neighbors. Collectively, the dynamic changes.
    So much of the Church discourse can’t abide contrasting opinions and
    worldviews. You don’t hear much talk about, or empathy for, the poor, the
    infirm, the weak. Most enervating, though, is the steady drumbeat of dystopia."
  2. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    11 Jun '18 01:55
    Proud Americans may also celebrate their right to own 'flamethrowers'.

    "'A great item to have': flamethrowers sell like hot cakes at Elon Musk sale
    The tech billionaire urges buyers to act responsibly as dozens queue up to get their hands on the $500 weapons."