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    04 Feb '05
    21 Sep '18 14:07

    Uses as an example how John Dickerson confronted him on his baseless surveillance claims on Obama. Watch how flustered he becomes, like a spoiled brat.

    I don't think anyone other than John Dickerson pressed him in such a manner, ever. The reason is obviously because the media are too spineless and afraid of losing access to this huge ratings cow. And they will continue to be spineless until you threaten to cancel your subscriptions to the Washington Times, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc, until you threaten their advertisers as consumers to put pressure on the powerful.

    They will continue to feed you lies and gossip and shouting matches until you demand something different.

    (The video is worth watching in its entirety, not just from the 17:10 mark i added in the link)