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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 20 Dec '09 04:21
    wow, my COBRA health care ends Jan 31st 2010. I am real interested in what happens with our new Health Care reform. I really took my company benefits for granted.
    For the first 3 months, the bill for just health insurance was 1000.00 a month, no vision, or dental. Jan 1st last year, it jumped to just around 1800.00. 400 more than my house payment.
    I suppose there are millions out there in the same boat, so I really hope this plan pans out.
  2. Subscriber FMF
    a.k.a. John W Booth
    20 Dec '09 05:32
    Originally posted by Hugh Glass
    I suppose there are millions out there in the same boat, so I really hope this plan pans out.
    How do you feel about those who fought tooth and nail to stop this plan - or any plan, for that matter - from being realized? There are people like whodey who went as far as spreading lies and disinformation, dutifully, it would seem - in the service of certain elements of the powers that be, powerful corporatist/financial entities - on these threads day after day week after week. Their assault may have resulted in hamstrung legislation. Do you feel they had your best interests in mind?
  3. 20 Dec '09 07:58
    You Know FMF, I really hope this works out well for everyone. I wish I could copy/paste a letter I received from The White House this AM. Apparently I must have gottten on their mailing list when I signed up for Open Congress.
    From what I can understand, it's not cut a dry yet, and somethings will go in to affect this coming year, while others are still down the road.
    I'm on S.S. disability right now. I won't be eligible for medicare until dec. 2010.
    So, in the meantime the insurance bills are cutting my legs right out from under me. Cobra stops Jan 31st.
    I could ramble for ever, but a lot of people are worse off. But heck, I take a daily copaxone shot. That medication is 2300.00 a month without insurance.
    So, ya I'm holding my breath here.