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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 30 Aug '10 05:17
  2. 30 Aug '10 05:19
    does anyone believe the flattening out of the projected Federal Debt curve on the bottom graph, post-2010?

    it changes from about an 80-deg slope to around 20 degrees!
  3. 30 Aug '10 05:27
    dead cat bounce.
  4. 30 Aug '10 05:32

    Downward revision of GDP growth a strong signal of stalled recovery
    Second-quarter economic growth was revised to an anemic 1.6%, a decline that was slightly less than many economists had predicted. But the report was a sobering cap to a week of bad economic news that has raised fears the nation could plunge into another recession. Bernanke says the Fed is ready to step in to provide additional stimulus.