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  1. 31 Jul '10 18:08
    Hi Hugh,, ( name changed to ptrotect the inocent ) :-)

    Some new economic numbers are in I thought I’d

    share with you that hopefully will brighten your day.

    The 2nd Quarter real GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

    growth is now 2.4%, which is very close to the

    expected pace of 2.6%.

    The largest growth areas have been in business

    investments in equipment & software, personal

    consumption, and inventories, which is the fastest

    gains since 1997. The weakest area was exports.

    As I expected!

    Incomes are higher than previously estimated and

    personal saving is now at 6.2% of after-tax income,

    similar to where it was in the early 1990s. Which is

    better than normal but not fully up to the 10% where

    it should be.

    On the inflation front, prices increased at a 1.8% rate

    this last quarter. Inflation is up 4% versus last year, too

    fast to keep the federal funds rate at zero. So again

    I encourage you to move quickly if you plan on refinancing

    to lower interest rates or payments. Low rates will be

    disappearing soon.

    New claims for unemployment are down 11,000 from

    the prior week, as well.

    Overall things are looking up more than people might


    Hang in there America! We’re doing better than you

    think! We just need to use caution & common sense!

    As an American I'm compelled to share this with you:

    Give me a call _________ if you have a question or

    want to chat.

    Your friend,


    This is a letter I received from an Investment advisor of mine. He has been pretty much on the money with all of his predictions over the years, so perhaps there is some hope for the near future. Jobs creat tax revenue...
    Have fun everyone, I'm leaving for vacation now... Peace. :-)