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Debates Forum

  1. 15 Feb '11 16:24
  2. 15 Feb '11 16:25
    cuz you know, there's an even bigger CEO with an even bigger disclosure problem ...
  3. Subscriber FMF
    a.k.a. John W Booth
    15 Feb '11 16:36
    Originally posted by zeeblebot
    Could you summarize whatever is at the link?
  4. 15 Feb '11 23:40
    Originally posted by FMF
    Could you summarize whatever is at the link?
    The right to privacy of a CEO about medical conditions should be outweighed by the need for disclosure ... when there is a life-threatening illness; when there is a substantial leave of absence that raises questions about current and future ability to lead the company; or when an illness impairs a CEO's ability to do his or her job ... It seems clear that one these conditions applies here.

    It is pretty much a non-story unless you are an Apple stockholder.