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  1. Subscriber Wajoma
    Die Cheeseburger
    24 Jan '16 01:45 / 2 edits
    It's a link to a youtube video.

    Trumps name comes up numerous times in disparate threads, usually portraying Trump as , let's say, eccentric . It's a popular line I admit to have swallowed, writing Trump off as a whacky sideshow that couldn't possibly go anywhere.

    Women, Mexicans, returned servicemen, women again, Muslims, Jews: We're all familiar with the rhetoric.

    Take a look at the vid (or not), it's over an hour but much of that is reciting the research. Trump has been playing the MSM big time and what is more he told them he was going to do it in "The Art of the Deal".

    Stefan signs off in a nice way, a lesson to one or two around here.


    Or search "The Untruth About Donald Trump" on YouTube"