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  1. 26 Aug '09 04:28
    It's been 15 years since NAFTA was signed.

    It was a lightening road for criticism by US labor and far-left groups in Mexicfarming interests.
    Even far left liberal groups attacked either "exploitation" by multinationals on the US side or subsidized American food emporverishing peasant Farmers on the Mexican side (still far left critics). One far left attack spread the argument that the NAFTA generation was suffering from "morbid obesity" due to US eating habits. In actuality, Mexicans have been drinking soda for several generations due to fear of drinking tap water, which is much of the cause of obesity. Also, many Mexicans can afford to eat better, and yes, to eat take out food. The Mexican middle class has strengthened in the last 15 years and more Mexicans are choosing to eat more and eat faster, and they are also choosing to eat faster to rush back to work. The slow bean and burrito eating times are gone, NAFTA critics should get over it.

    20-year olds - background
    5 year olds are at a critical language-learning age, assimilation age, etc.
    Example: children learn their native languages best at 5 years old.
    Also, immigrants younger than school-age are more likely to fully assimilate more quickly and easily (on average) than children 6 and over who have gone to at least to one year of school in Mexico.

    Today, the visible NAFTA generation
    In soccer, Dos Santos and Vela in Mexico are showing flashes of brilliance that has raised acclaim and excitement throughout Mexico (they were part of the youth team that one the top spot after beating the Brazilians in tournament play). They are both in this NAFTA generation (5 year olds at NAFTA's inception).

    In entertainment, another source of visibility for the NAFTA generation, there is young talent such as the actress/singer in RBD and novela Cuidado Con El Angel, as well as other young singers are getting noticed for the number and quality of Mexican talent coming out in Mexico singing well and acting well, much better than previous generations of talent such as Paulina Rubio and the like.

    In another decade it may yet show through support staff, maybe in movies or level of productivity in the working age population.

    When these young 20-somethings come of age to affect other industries visibly (such as by being directors, politicians, or CEO's in a couple of more decades) the same new levels of quality work may show through in a dramatic rise of Mexican living standards.

    You heard it here first.

    And the source? Free trade of ideas and exchanges in open societies of millions of people raising their standards and competing with less fear or ignorance.

    Compared to prior generations in Mexico, the NAFTA generation seems to be telling the world: bring on the challenge, we'll raise our level of play.
  2. Standard member joneschr
    Some guy
    26 Aug '09 05:56
    Are you part of the NAFTA generation?
  3. 26 Aug '09 06:03
    Originally posted by joneschr
    Are you part of the NAFTA generation?
    I'm not speaking about myself, no.