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  1. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    28 Oct '10 20:47
    I just got a letter in the mail marked "IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED" with a federal government seal on the envelope. Figuring it was some sort of new version of a federal tax form, I opened it...

    On the front side of the card it was my name and address and a "Tax id #" on the back is...

    an ad for Carl Paladino for Governor... explaining how he's going to cut taxes and blah blah blah.

    So, does anyone think it's unethical to use a ruse like this to get people to open your envelope. There are legal ethics rules against attorneys advertising like this (all attorney mailed solicitations have to be marked "advertising material."

    How do I feel about this tactic?

    I will be voting for Cuomo, unless his campaign pulls a similar stunt.
  2. 28 Oct '10 20:49
    That is a very odd tactic, what does this guy do for a living, sell viagra?
  3. 28 Oct '10 21:16 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by KazetNagorra
    That is a very odd tactic, what does this guy do for a living, sell viagra?
    Snake oil. It is the only Tea Party approved product.

    Seriously, I believe Maddow, this guy is not really running. It is just a brilliant piece of performance art. He saw Colbert and noticed how right-wingers actually fell for it and believed that Colbert was really a conservative (we all know why they thought this) and he decided top out-Colbert Colbert! (Just wait until the movie comes out!) I suspect that in 10 years we will discover that about half of the Tea Party candidates were actually deep-cover actors planted by George Soros and the Professional Left (of course the other half are paid-spokes-models also.)