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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. Subscriber mchill
    02 Nov '17 17:51
    Trump’s presidency isn’t going well, his approval rating is at historic lows, his agenda is stalled in Congress, and the Mueller investigation is methodically dissecting his administration piece by piece. Now Trump and his team prefer to roll back the clock and pretend it’s still 2016 – when they were having fun and choosing to focus on their one win...that of defeating Hillary Clinton. Trump also continues to tweet about her regularly – seven times last month – reminding people that he believes, among other things, that Clinton lost the debates in 2016, and blaming Hillary Clinton for everything from his stalled agenda, to ISIS, to the weather. The election of 2016 over, but Donald Trump cannot let it go.

    How can a President govern while living in the past?
  2. 02 Nov '17 18:08
    Donald Trump watches Fox News all day, and Fox News talks about Clinton all day. That's all there is to it, really.