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  1. 04 Oct '12 00:24
    Not that significant but check out this photo from yesterday from the San Francisco Chronicle.

    DENVER (AP) — The manager of a Denver Chipotle restaurant has become an Internet celebrity thanks to the wide-eyed pose he struck alongside Mitt Romney when the Republican presidential candidate stopped by for lunch.
    Marty Arps, 20, posed for a group photo with Romney and Chipotle employees Tuesday afternoon. Arps is seen making a wide-eyed expression while pointing at Romney.

    "It's a facial expression I do when I'm excited," Arps told The Daily.

    Romney ordered a pork burrito bowl with guacamole during a break from preparations for Wednesday's debate with President Barack Obama in Denver.

    Arps told The Daily he doesn't know yet who he'll vote for. He said he's "not too hip to elections and stuff."