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    10 Dec '11
    18 Oct '13 20:36
    Æstetically, psychologically and physically as well 'culturologically' - there are many differences.

    A Balkan psychiatrist said once during seventies that "women grow old in a uglier fashion than men". Many years later a character in famous tv show ER retold this hypothesis as "old womens feet is something I cannot stand"---

    Hair loss and breasts

    Everything is just the opposite.
    Man can make ikebana on his head with tiny rests of his hair, whilst bold old women look like zombies. But, old men with tits is awful. A man with tits can be saved only by big bank account, yacht and power.

    Middle age

    Calender /- 40th year - marks that essential difference.
    A man in his 40th can search for "chickens", while women goe to the monasteries, they buy big sunglasses a size of like sole collectors, they are wearing togas etc..

    Man can though surrender to the beer belly, cigarettes and "bohemian life", and woman can undergo plastic surgery and marry dentist or surgeon who repaired to be pretty another 10 years, although she looks like osso buco at close range.

    Feet, hands, buts

    One can add varicose veins...
    Women feet in slippers and man feet in slippers - just compare them.
    Which are less ugly?

    Even the worst case of male vagabond has prettier feet than of an old woman, except she did not have help from a diligent surgeon.
    Think of corns, calluses and bunions together with marble-like veins and capillaries, like entangled roots in a fairy wood... be continued...
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    10 May '07
    18 Oct '13 20:42
    Originally posted by vandervelde be continued...
    Don't bother