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    10 Dec '11
    10 Feb '18 22:54

    Last year was tough for me, but I managed somehow to survive, thanks to my Dutch cousin and also with invisible support from some RHP comrades.

    Not only I kept my head above water (only days before deadline), but my drama-script was awarded by National Playwrights Association on traditional anonymous competition. I read about the results on Association's web site.

    When I should prove the authorship, I needde to show up with another copy, knock on the door and say "Good morning, it was me..." (Money part of the prize wasn't that much I hoped, though...).

    The prize bears the name of the country's greatest playwright.

    On January 19th, at Belgrade cemetery, at his grave, Association's board usually holds "panihida" (greek word for kind of an orthodox mess) for the famous playwright and the winner (this year myself) also speaks.
    On the above Soundcloud-link you can listen my short speech.

    Pics from that "happening":::


    In the mean time, my novel I had mentioned here, didn't attract much attention (mildly said), but, in miraculous manner, some copies found their way to Serbian internet stores:::

    (I wonder where from.)