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Standard membervandervelde
General 14 Oct '14 12:30
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    10 Dec '11
    14 Oct '14 12:30
    I heard once that the man whose voice is on film trailes for block busters (or flops) recieves a million dollars per movie.
    I surfed a little bit and I found this:::

    But I had also something else in mind.
    During sport competition, especially Olympiads and swimming championships, I remember - ever since Montreal 1976 - I have always heard the same (I think the same, but in this case the man must be a kind of Phantpm with several generations) voice, a deep voice with American English as he was speaking so-called "special English": he had announced competitors, countries, performing of national anthems, medalists' names.

    Who is he?
    Anzone knows the name of the anonyme speaker on the Olympics and swimming championships?
  2. SubscriberSuzianne
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    08 Aug '03
    14 Oct '14 23:49
    We probably need more than this.

    Point us to somewhere on the web where we can hear this voice.
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    30 Sep '12
    15 Oct '14 04:32
    I don't know of whom V speaks, but in the USA there's Ted Williams, "the man with the golden voice."