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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    25 Sep '02 12:46
    This is a quick and easy way to get your photo on the web if you don't
    have your own web space ( or you do, but find it all too complicated)

    1) Go here in a new browser window. >>

    This a site called SmartGroups.

    2) Click the join group icon. Regsiter, but enter rubbish if you want -
    you do *NOT* need to verify your email address, so you can use a
    made up one if you wish [advised] 🙂 Do make a note of it though,
    so you can log back in in the future if you need too change your

    3)Once registered, either hit the URL I posted earlier again, or browse
    to photalbums (under pictures). Visit the profiles photo album.

    4)Click the 'add picture' icon, select a photo off your own machine by
    pressing the browse button.

    5) The picture will be added, click on it to view it full size

    6)Right click it to view the properties of the picture - copy
    the 'address' part. (You can highlight it and then copy with cntrl & 'C'
    if you want)

    7)Paste/type this address into the URL field on 'your settings' on
    RHP - then update.

    8) Finished - go view your profile to see you picture!

    Hope this helps - one day we will add an option to upload straight in
    to RHP itself - but that might be sometime off.