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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber sonhouseonline
    Fast and Curious
    12 Aug '05 03:45
    Hi, I have this "1 game waiting" thing where "Peterlin" challanged me
    but I deleted the game or so I thought, when I log out and back in,
    I have the 1 game waiting thing but if I go to My Games, its not
    there. How do I delete this game? I already sent him a message
    saying I was in a bunch of clan games which I am taking more
    seriously so I didn't want to play him again. So now what?
    There is no delete button when I go the the actual game, which is
    moveless so far.
  2. Subscriber sonhouseonline
    Fast and Curious
    12 Aug '05 03:50
    Never mind, I figured it out, I somehow archived a game I never
    started so I went to manage archives and unarchived it and then
    deleted it. Case closed.