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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 28 Apr '04 16:41
    the games waiting indicator seems to be inaccurate at times.
    it sometimes states a game is waiting and takes me to the game i have just moved in.
    never noticed this before.
    just thought i would bring it up.

  2. 28 Apr '04 17:03
    I`ve noticed the same thing, I think maybe it`s just a bit of lag.
  3. Standard member player42
    Happy Hour Hero.
    28 Apr '04 20:16
    This only happens to me when I use my "back" button on my browser to go back to a game to see the stupid move I just made. Then, the indicator will show me a number of games waiting that is already one page old...
  4. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    29 Apr '04 02:10
    It is because ur browser is showing u a page out of ur system cache. If u press refress (perhaps hold shift at the same time) the games waiting updates 😉