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  1. 14 Mar '06 20:05 / 2 edits
    As i told in another thread, upon my personal opinion this is a near-to-be-perfect corresp. chess server, really a great site!

    So far I discovered only 2 things I am really missing:

    beside the lack of an ignore function I really miss to set a min. rating for people who can take my open invite - the filter at "My challenge settings" seems to work only for incoming challenges. This is really a hassle, 9 of 10 times my open invite is taken by players either provisional or rated below 1400.
  2. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    14 Mar '06 20:19
    Your second wish is already there!
    Hit 'Advanced Options', placed just a bit above the 'Start game' button.
  3. 14 Mar '06 20:35
    I see, great! Thanks a lot