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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 02 Dec '07 05:59
    I'm going on vacation from middle December to 6 January 2008. I can't seem to book the January 2008 vacation yet. Any suggestions?
  2. Standard member John of Reading
    Scotch addict
    02 Dec '07 09:14
    Find the "March 2007" calendar at the top right of the vacation page, and then look upwards about an inch to the blue horizontal bar. There's the "2008" link.
  3. 02 Dec '07 11:58
    Thanks John, It helps if one just look hey.
  4. Subscriber SammyJ On Vacation
    07 Dec '07 11:01
    Easily missed. I was about to start a new thread asking much the same until I read this.

    I assume seeing as I have 24 days left in 2007 I might as well just book the rest of this month as vacation, just in case!