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  1. 23 Nov '03 01:50
    As everyone knows, in the current system large tournaments with many rounds proceed extremely slowly because of there always being a few players who move as slowly (or nearly as slowly) as the timelimit allows. Tournaments like the New MOAKT, for example, or the Having Fun? tournament will quite possibly take years to complete. How many of the players involved in these tournaments will not have a vacation that exceeds the 7-day timelimit in, say, then next three years? How many can guarantee that their interest in playing chess quite that regularly will last without breaks for that time?

    On the other hand, having a shorter timelimit has it's own problems - I, and I suspect others too, would hesitate to join a large tournament with a less than 7-day limit, as it's pretty impossible (at least for me) to see several months into the future and guarantee that you won't have stretches of 3-6 days when you simply cannot move.

    So here's a suggestion that I think would solve the problem: how about if, whenever the number of games left in the round is, say, 10% of the games at the begining of the round, the remaining games would be arbitrated in favour of the player in each game that has used less amout of time to make his moves. The faster player would get the points for the game. To avoid making it a race for time, each round could be given a time-limit - for example a month - before which the 10% rule would not be applied, even if there were less than 10% of games remaining.

    The precice percentage and the time-limit for each round could vary - this way we could have large tournaments suited for all sorts of players.

    I do hope that this idea, or something to the same effect, will get adopted soon. I believe it would allow even the largest tournaments to be resolved in a reasonable time-span.

    I'm intersted in hearing what others think about this idea.

  2. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    23 Nov '03 01:59
    i like itπŸ™‚

    but are the time logs for the games kept in such a way that it is easily calculable which player used less time?πŸ˜•
  3. 23 Nov '03 17:44
    Originally posted by flexmore
    i like itπŸ™‚

    but are the time logs for the games kept in such a way that it is easily calculable which player used less time?πŸ˜•
    I thought about that too - I expect that there probably would be some aditional coding involved to keep record of the time used by each player for his/her moves in a game. (At least in tournament games) I do think though that the benefit of speeding up tournaments would be a great enough to be worth it, unless of course there are some problems with the implementation that I didn't foresee.

  4. Standard member NicolaiS
    09 Dec '03 11:50

    I like the idea as well. I like playing tournements, but would also like to see thing speed up a bit. I hope Russ will think about your solution.

  5. 09 Dec '03 23:44
    I like the idea!

    I somehow suspect that the Christmas and New Year Tourns will still be far from concluded this time next year.

    For instance, I have been involved in a "New MOAKT" 1st round match for sometime now and although my opponent has done nothing wrong, he only moves every 4 days of so and on regular occasions, he has moved just hours before the timeout becoming available.

    Its nice on the occasions, you find your opponent "live" and you manage to make some moves as if your opponent is sitting opposite you on a chessboard.

    Im all for speading things up in Tournys!!